January 24th 2014 Show Notes – Screen Printing Chemicals Discussion

January 24th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast discussion with Dave Gehrich about screen printing chemicals. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge from years at ICC and now with Atlas Screen Supply. He is also on a one man mission to rid the world of dip tanks so check it out.

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First we had a brief update from Jeff Brown on the recent ISS Long Beach show. 15,000 pre-registered attendees and the biggest show they have had on both side of the aisle since 2008. WOW!

Screen Printing Chemicals Discussion

  1. Range of chemicals a common screen printing shop should have.

  2. Offer us a few suggestions on proper use of these post and pre-press chemicals.

  3. Some of the supply vendors at the shows will promote using a dip tank. As a chemical guy, how do you feel about this product?

  4. What are the common mistakes or issues that you see in screen print shops out in the field?

  5. Do you ever go out into shops and do training?

  6. {Question from Chat Room}  Question for Dave, We have many people getting just into the business and need to learn every step by step to the process. Does he carry a “package” with a how to, step by step? Like Use this for this stage and this screen printing chemicals for this?

  7. {Question from Chat Room} I have a load of old screens that are 20 years old with (images in them). Need re-claimed. Does it need any different technique or screen printing chemicals to clean these other than the standard?

Dave Gehrich’s Bio: Dave learned to print graphics at the age of 10 for his uncle. He worked in Point of Purchase printing before moving to ICC Chemicals as a local tech rep. Dave spent the past 15 years as ICC’s VP, focused on product development, sales and application engineering. While he still acts as an executive consultant to ICC, Dave is now vice president of Atlas Screen Supply in Chicago, working in sales, application engineering and market development.

Other Notes: Be sure to check out TeeBay.us.


  1. ISS Long Beach – January 17th to 19th
  2. ASI Dallas – February 4th – 6th
  3. DAX Kansas City – February 28th – March 1st
  4. NBM Arlington, TX – March 6th – 8th

Other News/Events

  1. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Workhorse Products in Phoenix – January 25th and 26th
  2. Introduction to DTG Printing – Equipment Zone in New Jersey (outside NYC) – February 21st
  3. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Atlas Screen Supply in Chicago – March 22-23, 2014

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