May 8th Show Notes – Screen Printing Shop Calibration

May 8th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We will be talking Shop Calibration with Dave Gehrich, VP of Sales with Atlas Screen Supplies. This is a conversation on how Atlas Screen helps their customers to a tune up on their processes and procedures. Even if you are not close enough to welcome Dave and his team into your shop this episode will give you some tools to improve TODAY. Screen printing is the orchestration of variables. No talent can or seniority can produce a quality product if the shop is out of tune.

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  • Finishing up an article on DTG printing for Screen Printing magazine today, because I decided to work on my new novel yesterday morning… and was still sitting at my computer last night at 11:00. So today, writing for fun AND profit! Article on DTG for medium to large shops.
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Screen Printing Shop Calibration with Dave Gehrich

Watch the Google Hangout:

Screen Printing Shop Calibration

  • Tell us a little bit about “Shop Calibration” means.

We check curing temp, exposure time and mesh tension. In addition we review the current SOPs for screen making /reclaiming or help establish one if one is not currently in place.

My standard introductory visit to any shop includes this question; not including personnel challenges, what is the one thing you think about as you pull into to your parking spot each day that makes it difficult to not just go Thelma and Louise and keep on driving? “

My rule of thumb about the areas we calibrate is if you recorded your bank account the way you record your exposure times, screen mesh life cycle or ink curing guidelines would be in the red or  the black? Screen printing is the orchestration of variables. No talent can or seniority can produce a quality product if the shop is out of tune.

  • Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

Any shop decorating fabric via some form of printing process.

(Let’s chat about large or “experienced” shops compared to newbies.)

  • Let’s go step-by-step through the process. You obviously bring along all the necessary tools to accomplish this task. Talk to our listeners about the curing step.
  • The next item on your list was Exposure Time. Let’s talk about that for a moment.
  • The third calibration you mentioned was mesh tension. Tell us about that, and screen prep in general.

Dave Gehrich’s Bio: Dave learned to print graphics at the age of 10 for his uncle. He worked in Point of Purchase printing before moving to ICC Chemicals as a local tech rep. Dave spent the past 15 years as ICC’s VP, focused on product development, sales and application engineering. While he still acts as an executive consultant to ICC, Dave is now vice president of Atlas Screen Supply in Chicago, working in sales, application engineering and market development.


  1. ISS Nashville – May 7-9
  2. NBM Arlington – May 14-16
  3. NBM Indy – June 4-6

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