Screen Printing Training Standardization


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Matt Marcotte of T&J supplies and sits down with Aaron and Terry to talk standardization for screen print training. Matt brings his passion for education and his own shop-tested experience to bear, discussing everything from establishing standards in your shop, to his involvement with helping out the next generation of printers through his involvement with SkillsUSA, when it’s time to move from manual to automatic presses, and even to the age-old debate of squeegee push vs. pull. Join us for an animated discussion between our own 2 Regular Guys and an all-around booster for screen printers everywhere as they break down the ‘secrets’ of the decorating industry.

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Screen Printing Training Standardization

Matt Marcotte works with T&J Supplies as a business advocate and sales leader. Matt managed a high-volume contract production print shop with national retail clients like Target and Threadless. Matt’s experiences offer valuable insight into developing management skills under tremendous pressure. He writes, teaches, builds relationships, and shares knowledge with hundreds of print shops throughout the midwest. Matt is an advocate for systems-based solutions that resolve production problems before they start.

Aaron: Terry and I both have a passion about education. What’s your own philosophy about training in the workplace.

Terry: What do you say to those business owners and managers who are afraid to share their “secret” formula to success?

Aaron: What do you specifically mean by “standardizing training?”

Terry: Do these concepts translate to other types of decorating, or even to other industries entirely?

Aaron: You and I were both at the recent Skills USA event in Louisville. Can you share your take on that event. What did you see out of those young people?

Terry: You recently had an article in Printwear Magazine Online answering 5 of the most common questions you get about Screen Printing (We will link it in the show notes). People can go read it to get all 5 but we wanted to dig deeper on a few of the questions. How much printing should I be outputting to upgrade into an automatic press?

Aaron: I love bringing up controversial topics, so how about Push or pull?

Terry: More somewhat controversial questions that I discuss with other screen printing trainers. a) From your article – How many coats of emulsion are needed for a proper coating (and what side of the scoop coater do you use)? b) Dip tanks. What is your take on them?

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