Selling in a Time of Crisis


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We all have the questions bouncing around in our heads right now; Should you sell, what’s a fair price and more. We invite the WIGD Group and once again turn the hosting chair over to Kristine Shreve. She will be joined by Alison Banholzer, Tanya Doyscher and Jillian Haney to discuss these questions and if there are differing attitudes about this among women and men. The topic will be Selling in a Time of Crisis. They will talk about how people are conflicted about selling, how to know whether or not you should sell, how to handle people who say you shouldn’t and whether this is a people issue or a women’s issue. Plus a whole lot more!

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Selling in a Time of Crisis

Kristine Shreve – Kristine Shreve can be found at where she talks all things marketing, social media and business. You can also find her at where the discussion concerns reading, writing and things of the literary persuasion and at where the topics include health, fitness, exercise, nutrition and body image. Kristine is the founder of the Women in Garment Decoration Facebook group, a place of community and education for female garment decorators. A writer for Printwear Magazine and Engraver’s Journal, Kristine is also a speaker at the Decorated Apparel Expo Trade shows. She is also soon to be the host of two new podcasts, Reading and Ranting and Business + Women.

Alison Banholzer – Ali Banholzer began Wear Your Spirit Warehouse (WYSW) in 2004, literally at her kitchen table. She was a mom of two beautiful baby girls, and a proud military wife to her husband David. In 2010, the business out grew the house and moved to commercial space. Ali continued to support her young family and hold down the home front while David traveled, and did all that being an Air Force Officer entails. Early in 2014 David became the 14th Presidential Pilot of the United States, and Commander of Air Force One, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Sadly, this dream was cut short in May of 2014 when David was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that time, Ali closed down her commercial storefront and moved WYSW back to the house so she could care for David and her girls. With the help of incredible friends and employees, Ali was able to continue to run WYSW while caring for her husband. David passed in November of 2016. Ali took a bit of time to care for her girls, grieve, and plan. In April of 2017 she moved WYSW back out into a small commercial location in Huntingtown. With the amazing support of friends, employees and the local community, Ali was able to grow WYSW into the INTERNATIONAL company it is today, in their new larger location in Huntingtown.

Tanya DoyscherTanya and her husband Jay started out as a part-time, garage-based business in 2004. In 2015, they took the leap to a brick and mortar storefront in downtown Fairmont, MN and then in 2017, purchased a second location in St. Peter, MN. Jay has handled the business side of the business, while Tanya is a Graphic Designer. The Visual Identity Vault is home to screenprint, embroidery, HTV and sublimation as well as signs, banners, promotional products and gifts as well as laser cutting and engraving. Tanya, a member of BNI, and a member of several online groups and finds that helping others in the industry has become something that she deeply enjoys!

Jillian HaneyJillian is the owner of Jillian Ink Screen Printing. She is self taught in screen printing and has been in business since 2015. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with an MBA. Her business serves other small businesses, sports moms, and boutique owners. Outside of printing she has a passion for fitness and spending time with her husband and 2 year old.

General Topic: Selling in Times of Crisis

  1. Do you think women worry more about how selling is perceived than men do?
  2. Where is the line between profit and profiteering?
  3. Are women expected to be more likely to volunteer or donate?
  4. Are women more likely to be judged if they make a profit during a time of crisis?
  5. What does our culture tell us about a woman’s role during a crisis?
  6. Are women and men taught different things about making a profit?
  7. Does guilt play a part on whether or not we sell or what we charge?
  8. Do women tend to judge each other more harshly?

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