SEO, Beer and Float Trips


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We welcome to the show Will Hanke of Red Canoe Media who is an SEO and digital marketing expert. Will is going to help us improve our web presence and learn to rank higher in Google searches that matter to your business. He gives us some common sense tips we can use today as well as some free tools that will give you the data you need. Don’t miss this conversation with a true SEO expert. Plus enjoy some fun discussing float trips and beers. Great combo!

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  • ISS Call for Presenters – mark your calendar: The deadline for submissions for the 2020 ISS Conferences is April 26, 2019.  Please note that we cannot put you on the conference program without the requested paperwork by the requested deadline. We are FIRM on this deadline, so only those submissions returned by April 26, 2019 will be considered for 2020 speaking.

    Plus The Imprinted Sportswear Show and Impressions magazine will be making a big announcement right here on 2RG on April 12th

  • Terry and I recently ran into Clay Barbera at DAX Kansas City. He has been hard at work at a new project called Training in Corel. This is a joint effort of imprint industry professionals to make sure that imprint companies have the knowledge they need to be successful. Tens of thousands of Screen Printers, Embroiderers, Engravers, Wide Format Printers, Sublimators, and Promotional Products distributors have asked for our knowledge base to be organized in an easy-to-follow system. Training In Corel .com is just that. The site is $29/mo for access to hundreds of hours of Corel software training Specifically for Imprinters. There is a Promo (No sign-up fee) running until Tuesday the 2nd for the Grand Opening.

  • A few shoutouts from the ISS Show in Atlantic City.

    • Ron Goodwin with Goodwin Graphics stopped by to say hello.
    • Dean Hutson with Monterey T-Shirts in Great Barrington, Mass.
    • Timothy Howe from Spectrum Designs Foundation from Ft Washington, NY
    • Jim Kozikis with 4J’s Today in West Suffield, Conn asked me to tell you Aaron that his last name is pronounced Ko-zik-is.
    • And one from NBM Irving Texas, Jay Busselle and I got to take the tour of Brett Bowden’s Printed Threads facility in Ft Worth and spent some time with him and his wife.

SEO, Beer and Float Trips

Terry: Why Red Canoe Media as a business name?

Aaron: What are the top things you should be doing with your website.?

  • Personas
  • Screaming frog / SERPS
  • Content that talks to a solution

Terry: Why should your website be treated as its own business?

  • Rephrase – shouldn’t be a brochure. Its an outreach/copy of your biz online. Especially if you have a physical location.

Aaron: What’s Google up to lately?

  • Mobile first index
  • https

Terry: What about voice search?

  • Back to personas. Understanding what the needs are, and if people search for them differently on Alexa or their phone

Aaron: Enough of the boring “work” stuff, let’s talk Float trips. Tell us about

Terry: Don’t forget beer. What beers do you enjoy?

Aaron: What special projects are you working on?

Terry: Will, tell our listeners where they can find you.

Will Hanke has two passions: supporting our US veterans and helping businesses tell their story online – providing them with increased exposure, more customers, and higher revenues. For over twenty years, his company, Red Canoe Media, has helped mom & pops, startups, and multi-million dollar companies with their digital marketing strategies.

Will teaches monthly classes and speaks at events throughout the area on a wide variety of topics from analytics to e-commerce. Along with his daughter Amber, he also holds coaching and training sessions for small business owners in his private membership group, “Red Canoe Elite”. He is an avid business & marketing blogger and has published several ebooks including an Amazon Bestseller in Marketing.

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