January 10th 2014 Show Notes – Separations with Mitch Different

January 10th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from our second season in 2014 so you can get more details. Terry and Aaron are pleased to welcome in a wonderful guest, Mitch Different, that gives us a ton of information about color separations, artwork and screen printing.

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Artwork and Separations with Mitch Different

  1. Tell us a little about how you got started in the garment printing industry. Was it an accident like the rest of us?
  2. What kind of training or art background do they need on the front end to be successful?
  3. Compare what you teach people to someone buying one of the color separation plug-ins to Photoshop.
  4. When you do contract separations for customers, what’s the biggest hurdle you have to deal with?
  5. You have a new book, The Art of T-Shirt Color Separation. What will a reader take away from this book?

Mitch Different Bio: Mitch spent 2001- 2014 developing an art department for Sunline Products in Katy, Texas on the west side of Houston. During these years he has been a color separation instructor, freelance artist, consultant and offers workshops on color separation in Photoshop channels. In 2013 he released a book, “The Art of T-shirt Color Separation”, which is now formatted for ebooks.


  1. NBM Los Angeles – January  9th – 11th
  2. PPAI – January 13th – 17th
  3. ISS Long Beach – January 17th to 19th
  4. ASI Dallas – February 4th – 6th

Other News/Events

  1. “Better Understand Your Customers with the Power of Social Media” ISS Long Beach – January 17th
  2. “Secrets of Starting a Direct-to-Garment Business” ISS Long Beach – January 17th
  3. “The Business of Screen Printing: Beyond Pulling the Squeegee” ISS Long Beach – January 19th
  4. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Workhorse Products in Phoenix – January 25th and 26th
  5. Introduction to DTG Printing – Equipment Zone in New Jersey (outside NYC) – February 21st
  6. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Atlas Screen Supply in Chicago – March 22-23, 2014

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