Setting the Gold Standard: Training and Standard Operating Procedures


Join Aaron and Terry for an exciting episode where they explore the vital process of establishing standards, defining training techniques, and refining operational procedures and materials. Whether you’re honing your team’s skills, integrating fresh talent, or charting an ambitious future for your shop, the host will give you the keys to achieving success. Unearth the common challenges that might be limiting your progress, and gain insight into techniques that have worked for the hosts with their combined 67 years of experience. Brace yourself for a lively, host-led discussion that will empower you to elevate your standards and cultivate a thriving business. Tune in to the 2 Regular Guys Podcast and set your course for excellence!

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Dad Joke

Erich: Where do bad rainbows go?

To prism. It’s a light sentence. Gives them time to reflect.

Training and SOPs

Aaron: I’m excited to dive in with you Terry on this topic. You are my go-to for learning about establishing standards, keeping you and your employees up to speed and creating processes. And you do it all with a junior yellow legal pad! It’s also an area that I love to talk about as I work with new businesses because many of them come from the hobby mindset and efficiency is crucial and also one of my strengths. Hopefully, we can take our 67 years of combined experience and give the #regulators some gems today. Where should we start?

  • Why is training important?
    • New skills or techniques for new employees or current ones
    • We’re all on the same page in how we do things
  • What if it’s just me?
    • Set aside time for your own training and education.
    • By creating training for future potential employees, you get better (My volleyball Story – Aaron)
  • How about processes and SOPs – Why are those important?
  • What have we encountered as the typical “excuses” for skipping training and processes?
    • What happens if I train my employees and they leave v what happens if you don’t and they stay?
    • I like to be flexible – Overwhelmed?
  • The role of consistency in both of these areas
    • Terry’s 52/15 – Buy them lunch
    • It’s a cycle to improve processes. Document challenges and then improve the most painful after busy seasons.

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