Shipping Garments: Challenges & Tips


The Fulfillment Market: Shipping Challenges and Tips for Shipping Garments is the topic this week. Bill Carlin, CMO of Shipmate Fulfillment, will share his knowledge of the lucrative but sometimes challenging fulfillment marketplace. Bill will share tips on how to make storing, shipping and even taking returns on printed apparel. Erich Campbell will be sitting in again with Aaron to talk to Bill about overcoming the challenges of shipping in the 4th quarter of 2020.

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Shipping Garments

Erich: Bill Carlin is the CMO of Shipmate Fulfillment and has experience selling on most major eCommerce platforms including Amazon, Ebay,, and more. Bill helps empower eCommerce sellers through customizable client-focused third party logistic services that increase profits and enhance the customer experience.

Aaron: Talk to us first about Shipmate Fulfilment.

Erich: What are the challenges of storing garments in a fulfillment setting?

Aaron: Let’s talk about the challenges of shipping garments and the logistics of it all.

Erich: I’m sure any of our listeners looking to offer fulfillment will be interested in the services used to ship garments.

Aaron: Let’s discuss your ideas to improve the customer experience.

Erich: Returns must be a big challenge in fulfillment. Let’s talk about how best to handle them.

Aaron: Thanks so much for being on the show today, Bill. How can our listeners reach out to you?

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