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Sustainability can mean a lot of things to a lot of businesses. We believe here at 2 Regular Guys that one of the responsibilities we have is to discuss sustainability. We found a great way to do that by inviting a special guest, Ashley Etling the Co-Founder and CEO of The LimeLoop. The inspiration to start LimeLoop was rooted in a drive to eliminate the boxes piling up at our and our neighbor’s front doors. Learn about sustainable packaging and what the future might hold for the products we ship.

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Shipping that Makes Sense

Ashley Etling. is inspired by collaboration and discovery, driven by the confluence of design thinking, business, and technology. This curiosity led her to found and build multiple companies. Central to her vision is creating impact by building sustainable supply chains from product to door while building a culturally sound company. Her passion for building high integrity companies inspired her prior venture, Atellia, a platform that collectively shares experiences and stories from entrepreneurs worldwide.

Her unique background in design and business acumen helped her previous company, Red Clay grow exponentially. As the head of product development and later as COO, her performance yielded results including recruiting and retaining a team of 500 award-winning designers, raising millions of dollars in high growth capital, 10X year over year revenue growth, and 10+ Fortune 500 partnerships.

When not contemplating a new idea, you can catch her testing recipes, working with other ambitious founders, and sharing her entrepreneurial knowledge with speaking roles at Launch Beacon, Metropolis, and SF Design Week. Ashley loves spending time outdoors with friends and family, hiking, skiing, and biking, and today, chatting with the 2 Regular Guys!

Aaron: Well let’s start by learning a little about LimeLoop. What does LimeLoop do and how can you help garment decorators?

Erich: Can you talk to us about the problems with packaging and what drove you to start LimeLoop?

Aaron: Since your launch in 2018, what has changed for your company? What has the evolution been?

Erich: Can you talk to us about the logistic side of this. What does using a reusable package like yours do for logistics?

Aaron: In reviewing your website you shared some case studies of clothing companies, Toad & Co and others. As screen printers, sublimation, product decorators, what are the main benefits of rethinking your packaging?

Aaron: What are some of the limitations or hurdles you need to overcome to get a more widespread adoption of your product?

Erich: What are the sizes available?

Erich: What does the future of your company look like? Where are you putting your focus currently?

Erich: Tell our listeners where they can go to find more info and what steps should they take if they are interested in implementing the LimeLoop system into their business?

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