Should I be Printing This?


Jeff Schutzman with Team Sparkle Gear will be joining Aaron and Terry to discuss Dealing with Jobs where We Ask, “Should I be Printing This?” None of us are experts on this subject. In fact, Jeff posed the question and agreed to join us to discuss. This has been a subject decorators have dealt with since the first t-shirt, but today with buzz phrases such as “hate speech” and “cancel culture” it’s time to have the conversation.

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Dad Joke: What did the farmer give his wife for Valentine’s Day?

HOGS and kisses

Should I Print That?

Some images are obviously offensive to the majority of the population…

  • A swastika for instance

Offensive to segments of the population

  • During the Washington protests the guy with the “Camp Auschwitz” shirt
  • Shock value
  • Painful for a segment of the population

Fear of the cancel culture… fear of being a part of the cancel culture… fear of being associated with one side or another, one opinion or another…

Has this type of “media and messaging” problem happened before?

Free speech…

  • Who is the “arbiter of truth??” This is potentially a slippery slope.
  • Is truth the core issue? Or is it intent. Do we want to decorate things when the clear intention is to make people very angry? When is that appropriate?

How is television and internet media different from decorated apparel and accessories? How is it the same?

A Passive Conduit?

Messaging Velocity…Reach…Persistence

Distasteful graphics

  • I’ve turned down crude images…. Sometimes having an employee point something out

What are the legal implications of saying no?

A written policy on this? Do any of our listeners have something like this?

Do context and timeliness matter? Things that were humorous a couple of months ago may not be funny now. 

What do you do when you have decorated something in the past that you would not do again?

What are the risks of not thinking about this? Risks of not having a plan?

Is it ok to say “Someone is going to make money from decorating things with questionable messages, I rather it be me than my competition”

What are some “guidelines” that we can consider when adopting a policy?

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5 Ways to Make Social Media a Positive Force

  1. Focus on being a positive presence.  Complaining and ranting on social media can be cathartic and therapeutic,  but make sure most of your interactions and posts are optimistic and positive.
  2. Know why you’re using social media.   Maybe it’s to stay connected with family and friends, maybe it’s to promote your business or work,  or maybe it’s to learn.  Know what your goals are and mute or unfriend accounts that bother you and don’t help you meet those goals.
  3. Take breaks from social media – We all can get overwhelmed by our social media feeds, either demands from others for information or contact or simply a constant stream of negative messages.  Take time,  a few hours,  or a day,  away from social media to rest and recharge.
  4. Form a community –  Find people who have the same values and goals you do,  as well as people who are different from yourself, and get to know them.   The stronger the community you form,  the more valuable social media will be.
  5. Be selective –  The urge is often to follow or friend everyone,  but not everyone will be a good fit for you.   Check out people’s profiles or pages before you connect and make sure they’re putting out the kind of messages you want in your life.

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