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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. On this week’s show, Terry “interviewed” Aaron about his suggestions for simple marketing tips. We are going to cover some strategies for creating a marketing plan, managing your social media and email marketing. You will leave this podcast with some great tools that you can put to work immediately.

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News Items

  • Fruit of the Loom creates scholarship opportunities for employees’ dependents at the nearby Western Kentucky University (WKU). The newly established fund is a tribute to former company CEO Rick Medlin who passed away in late 2016. The company officially announced the scholarship at a celebration of Medlin’s life. Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett has donated $1 million to establish the fund.

Simple Marketing Tips

Terry: So we’re going to talk about Simple Marketing Tips. What areas of marketing are you expecting (hoping) to cover?

  • Marketing Planning
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

Terry: Start us off by telling us about some simple marketing tips related to Marketing Planning

  • Before doing anything with Marketing, you must start with a plan. If you don’t want to create a plan you can stop listening now as nothing else we discuss will make an impact that can be valuable to you.
  • Heard all of the excuses and have probably made them all. 5 Most Common

Terry: OK, well you have me convinced that I need a marketing plan for Terry Inc., what now?

  • Start with “Who are you?” and be honest even show your “pimps”.
  • Don’t just take your own work for it – Ask Employees, Outside Friends, and Family, Customers
    • Have them describe your company as an Elevator Speech

Terry: OK, my niche is Jim’s Towing Services and I’m the nicest darned printer in town, now what?

  • The Core of a good marketing plan is a SWOT Analysis
    • Strengths – What is it that you do well and pride your business on doing well? Core Values?
      Weaknesses – Where could a competitor pick away at you? Everyone has then!
      Opportunities – What things are on the horizon that looks promising? Crystal Ball – Dream Big!
      Threats – What could drastically change your business? New Competitor, Losing a Key Employee…
    • Check out Aaron’s SWOT /Marketing Plan Template for some more simple marketing tips.

Terry: Well that doesn’t sound as hard as I originally pictured it when you said SWOT Analysis. Anything more with Marketing Planning

  • Your Plan must have a budget, regardless of how big or small that budget may be. It could even be a time budget, but you must have one that you can track and measure as it will hold you and the plan accountable.

Terry: How about Social Media planning?

  • The first thing to do in Social Media is figure out where your niche segments of customers are at on Social Media. But first, let’s just explore the numbers:
    • The World has 7.3 Billion people and 2.3 billion of those people have Social Media Accounts (Over 30%)
    • 78 percent of Americans have at least one active social media profile
    • China has 1.3 Billion people / Facebook has 1.7 Billion Monthly Active Users

Terry: So it seems like the numbers are good and it is worth the time to be involved in social media, but how do I find out where to be active?

  • Ask Your Customers
  • Do Keyword Searches / Track Keywords
  • Run Paid Ads
  • Poll Your Email List
  • Have a Competition

Terry: OK, but do you have some tips for actually being involved in Social Media. Seems like I could waste hours of time just trying to stand out among all the 1.7 Billion Others on social Media.

  • First and foremost Social Media is all about being Social. PERIOD! You must put the design to interact with your potential customers at the forefront of what you do on social media. It is not about screaming out sales. 1 of 10 Rule for posts of sales messages.
  • Complete profiles / No Egg Heads. Put your website on the profiles.
  • Canva is easy to make something without a graphics program / Right Sizes
  • Schedule your posts! Spreadsheet / Hootsuite / Bufferapp
  • Save content in Evernote or Pocket.
  • Make sure your CRM tracks your customer’s Social accounts (Hubspot)
  • Have staff ask customers about their social media

NOTE: Please stay tuned for a future show where the 2 Regular guys will discuss email marketing as well. Thanks!

Chat Room

2 Regular Guys: Welcome in Vee!

VeeAtCentralianShop: Hi Guys!

VeeAtCentralianShop: marketing without a plan is like printing a shirt before the customer tells you 2 Regular Guys: Nice!!!

VeeAtCentralianShop: It’s a waste for everyone

VeeAtCentralianShop: Secure your name on all the platforms even if you don’t use or broadcast it so you don’t get “name-jacked” and everything stays consistent

VeeAtCentralianShop: get into the details of your target give them a name, description, make up an “avatar” for them

VeeAtCentralianShop: social is sharing not selling

VeeAtCentralianShop: think of a conversation with friends

VeeAtCentralianShop: udemy has some great classes on marketing, sales funnels and app automation

VeeAtCentralianShop: Aaron do you have a template you recommend

2 Regular Guys: Yes. Hit me up @2RegularGuys

2 Regular Guys: Or just email me directly at aaron@montcoconsulting. Happy to share anything I have that can help. Thanks for all the feedback today.

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