Simple Systems and Tech Tools to Modernize Your Print Business


Join the 2 Regular Guys this week as they dive into the world of print business tech tools and systems with special guest Gavin St Georges, founder and CEO of In this episode, Gavin will share his expertise on how to set up the tech side of a printing business in a practical and efficient manner, aligning technology, business systems, and people together for optimal performance. From simple solutions to cutting-edge technology, this podcast will provide listeners with valuable insights and advice on how to modernize their print business and take it to the next level. Don’t miss out on the chance to ask your questions and join the discussion this Friday.

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Simple Systems

Aaron: Welcome to the show, Gavin. Tell us a little about yourself and your history in our industry.

Gavin: Share a quick origin story and how we got into the industry (…In the beginning) 

Aaron: We know you have lots of knowledge about multiple facets of being a decorator, but you recently had a presentation at Impressions talking about a Simple System to run a Modern Printing Business, so we wanted to focus on that today. How important to a print shop is setting up a system?

Gavin: Business success hinge on systems and process… 

  • Ask the four questions
  • Talk about leverage
  • Talk about outcome

Aaron: So what might a simple system look like for a decorator? I know you are also a screen printer, what tech tools should people be looking at?

Gavin: …this is where the chaos status and shop owners have a lot of worries…

Aaron: What is the process of setting up the tech side of a printing business? Can you share some examples?

Gavin: Share framework to classify and simplify tech tool decision

Aaron: What are some of the pitfalls you have seen in people’s business systems that we should try to avoid?

Gavin: Making thing more complicated than it actually is… 

Aaron: let’s say one of our listeners is bootstrapping their business and needs to keep lean. What would you say is the #1 most important part of the system?

Gavin: Talk about the accountability system

Aaron: Talk to us about aligning technology, business systems, and our most important asset, our people, partners, and other key relationships in our business.

Gavin: Talk about business philosophy and vision

Aaron: We can’t let you go without talking about art. is a remote art department for screen printers and more. How has benefited some of your customers? Share a use case or two?

Gavin: Quick intro or demo – and CTA

Aaron: When can our listeners learn more and connect with you?

Gavin: Share info and QR code

Aaron: We always like to borrow as much knowledge from our guests as possible so we try to leave with one last question. What would be the number one piece of advice you would give decorators community members that have helped your business? 

Gavin: Story about focus