Social Media and Apparel Decorations – What has changed?


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Social Media is no longer the red-headed stepchild of most marketing strategies, it has found itself front and center. Today’s apparel decorators not only should but need to embrace social media as it has changed the space of apparel decoration. We are excited to welcome to the show, Brian and Peter from of New Era Apparel out of Long Island, New York. They have over 20 years experience in Screen Printing and one of them printed their first shirt at 3 years old. We are going to dig into what Social Media and Apparel Decorations has changed about screen printing and give you some tips on how to deal with those changes.

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  • Jim Kozikis from 4 J’s Today in West Suffield, Conn stopped by to say he always listens to the 2 Regular Guys!
  • The deadline for entry to the industry’s most prestigious apparel decorating competition, the 2017 Impressions Awards, has been extended to Sept. 6. The 39th annual contest will be judged at the Fort Worth Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) event, which will be held Sept. 22-24. Impressions Awards winners will be announced Sept. 24.

Social Media and Apparel Decorations

Terry: First off give us some background on how you got into screen printing. We heard through our preparations for the show about printing at 3 years old. Tell us about that.

Aaron: Can you share with us a little more about New Era. What is your niche, what size company are you guys and any other details you don’t mind sharing with us?

Terry: Can you share with the listeners your start with Social Media – when did this approach to marketing start and what brought you to it as a way to drive business to your screen printing company?

Aaron: What to you is the biggest change screen printers are facing with the boom of social media?

Terry: What can an apparel decorator do to harness social media and use it as a tool to grow their business?

Aaron: What are your favorite platforms today on Social Media and Why?

Terry: What do you see in the future for apparel decorators as it relates to social media?

Aaron: So let’s talk about Digital Marketing on a broader scale, What as screen printers do you feel is the most important thing to focus on in your overall digital strategy. Are their pieces outside of Social you cultivate?

Terry: So let’s get to some more screen printing talk now. Give us your take on Plastisol Inks versus Water Based Inks

Aaron: How about your take on digital decorating. How has that changed your business and what do you think about things like DTG or other digital decorating?

Aaron: Tell us about the $100 bill in the Strip Club Survival Kit Post.

Peter Medero is the CEO and Founder of New Era Apparel, based out of Long Island, New York. Pete Jr. has been running the family business, formerly Baja Man Inc., for over 12 years, but rebranded and launched New Era Apparel after his father passing in early 2017. Pete’s passion for creating high-quality products has lead him to own one of the fastest growing screen printing companies in New York. When Pete isn’t in the shop; he enjoys going to the gym, playing golf or hanging with the shop dog Apollo.

Brian Mangan has over 5 years of Digital Marketing and SEO experience before finding his home at New Era Apparel 6 months ago. He found his passion in the digital space after a stint with New York City startup BrandYourself. He brings with him a strong drive and work ethic that was honed from his years of playing collegiate sports. When he’s not busy making sure things run smooth at New Era, he’s looking for the next big marketing trend, developing websites for his personal clients, binge-watching Netflix with his girlfriend or playing Xbox.

New Era Apparel

Chat Room

Erich Campbell: It was an awesome Facebook live video; I enjoyed the format. 🙂
JohnnyKillerGraphics: Hi Guys
2 Regular Guys: Hello, everyone!
2 Regular Guys: Johnny – Welcome in. Its been too long.
JohnnyKillerGraphics: Yeah took the day off today. Been working around the clock
Alan Howe: hello, will see you at ISS Orlando
Alan Howe: some great entries are always there
2 Regular Guys: Hi Alan.
Alan Howe: cannot wait for SGIA
Erich Campbell: Isn’t it always a rush? 🙂
Erich Campbell: Nothing wrong with friendly competition. 🙂
Erich Campbell: Knowing your niche is not a bad thing.
Erich Campbell: Nor is being hungry; I remember just starting digitizing and staying for a second shift to learn on my own, unpaid. You have to want it. 😉
2 Regular Guys: Very true Erich!
Alan Howe: I hear Passion in what they do
Alan Howe: there is the LI
2 Regular Guys: Lots of passion. Great stuff.
2 Regular Guys: These guys talk more than Terry! LOVE IT!
Erich Campbell: Is that even possible? 😉
Erich Campbell: It’s rare, at least.
2 Regular Guys: I’m definitely going to post the chat on Shows notes, but not sure where to jump in, but don’t hesitate to keep it coming. Thanks for listening guys!
Erich Campbell: I can’t say much- I did the same to you on FB Live this AM. hehehe
2 Regular Guys: LOL – I loved both the FB Live and this!
JohnnyKillerGraphics: I need some of his energy
2 Regular Guys: He has some to give it seems. Loving it and getting me pumped up.
Erich Campbell: The energy injection is always good
Alan Howe: there are NO experts in this industry …we are all ever learning
Erich Campbell: Show up. Every. Single. Day.
Alan Howe: just a soft hand feel ….absolutely
Alan Howe: screen prep is the most important or at least one of the most important
Alan Howe: Min spirits ????? that is scary JMHO
Erich Campbell: You would know- I’d certainly let you speak to it, Alan. 🙂
2 Regular Guys: Ours too. We will let them off the hook for now.
Erich Campbell: If they start talking stitching, I’ll pile on. 😉
Alan Howe: no piling on, just caught me off guard, they sound like they have a great shop
Alan Howe: love the devil is in the details !!! he is so right
Erich Campbell: I am just teasing; besides, I remember doing things the wrong way to make things work in the early days that I wouldn’t do now. 😉
Alan Howe: got to Know your market .. subing it out
2 Regular Guys: Definitely agree Alan. Why these conversations are so important because even some of the best have a few things they need to look at.
Alan Howe: they know their market
Alan Howe: this is a great interview
Alan Howe: they know their Market and what they do best
Alan Howe: these guys are great !!!
Alan Howe: I had a small stroke over that
Alan Howe: absolutely, these guys are incredible
Alan Howe: I love that they sub it out to help the customer
Alan Howe: great show Guys !!!
Alan Howe: “print cotton” drop the Mike ,Terry Combs said this in my Bleeding and dye migration seminar
JohnnyKillerGraphics: running a fan blowing on the shirt at dryer exit, fixes most of that
Alan Howe: it was great, but introduced him as my father also
Alan Howe: I will get you an exact date …so excited !!!
Alan Howe: I am doing two seminars in ISS Orlando and FT Worth
Alan Howe: printing better whites and then 5 fundamentals the pros know and do
Alan Howe: doing the later at SGIA

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