Social Media Marketing with Live Video


We welcome first time guest, Julie Fredrickson of J. Fre Consulting to dig into Social Media Marketing with Live Video. Julie is an expert when it comes to Social Media with both Marketing Strategy and Social Media Management. We are going to talk to Julie about live videos, how to best use them, what people like to hear and how you can be involved even if going live is not your thing.

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Social Media Marketing

Julie Fredrickson is the Owner of J. Fre Consulting, a Minnesota-based Media Relations company. They provide Digital Marketing & Advertising, Social Media Management, and Consulting. Julie has 20+ years of marketing experience in a variety of facets from old school guerilla marketing and event planning, to recruiting, radio advertising, and ultimately social media and digital marketing. She is a Wife and the Mother of two Preschool Princesses. She calls herself a networking butterfly and her favorite quote is “In a World of Cheerios, Be a Fruit Loop.”


Aaron: Since we’re recording this podcast as a live event, let’s talk live marketing. Why should I “Go Live” rather than just post a video that is edited and looks better?


Terry: When should I “Go Live”?


Aaron: How long should a “Live” be? What’s too long for anyone to be expected to tune in? It’s a short attention span world, it seems.


Terry: Where should I “Go Live”? Looks like several options out there.


Aaron: What kind of live content should our listeners be focused on?


Terry: Presentation skills… not everyone has them. Should we ever consider outside presenters? Or, do people expect a presentation to be less “professional” in an internet world? Is it more about content than presentation?


Aaron: Julie, where can our listeners reach out to you?

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