Spectrum Designs, a Non-Profit with a High Purpose


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. On our show Friday we will interview Patrick Bardsley with Spectrum Designs. The company does more than $2 million in annual sales from a 7,400-square foot facility in Port Washington, Long Island. This non-profit employs 21 young adults with autism.

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  • Screen Printing Magazine announces their new Rising Stars Awards which will honor six young people whose accomplishments in specialty printing have made an indelible impression. The award is open to individuals under the age of 35 who are employed in specialty printing businesses. Third-party nominations will be accepted through October 31.

  • Terry: Shout out to Jacquie and Jordan at the Awesome Company in Columbus, Ohio. They recently attended my screen printing class in Chicago and I discovered Jacquie has a very similar story as Spectrum Designs, working with special needs employees. theawesomecompany.com

Spectrum Designs, a Non-Profit with a High Purpose

Aaron: Patrick, share with our audience the history of Spectrum Designs.

Terry: What made you guys pick the apparel industry and How’s business?

Aaron: You have recently expanded into promotional products – how had that affected the business?

Terry: How has the community responded to your story and your product line? What has driven Spectrum’s growth?

Aaron: As a nonprofit, how reliant are you on fundraising dollars to operate?

Terry: Can you talk about how the industry has helped a small nonprofit grow at this rate?

Aaron: How many employees does Spectrum have now and how many are on the Spectrum?

Terry: How does having people on the Autism Spectrum change the workplace?

Aaron: Can you give us an example of when someone with a disability reacted differently to a situation and helped the organization?

Terry: As a shop employing a special needs staff, are customers concerned about the quality of the work?

Aaron: Your COO and best friend Tim Howe recently won the National Rising Star award for the Promotional Products Industry. How does having someone like that help Spectrum?

Terry: What does the future hold for Spectrum?

Patrick Bardsley is the co-founder and CEO of Spectrum Designs Foundation, a nonprofit that employs teens and young adults with disabilities in a custom apparel shop. Patrick has appeared on the show before – since then Spectrum has grown to a multi-million dollar business. They have purchased, renovated and moved into a new 7,500 sq foot facility in Port Washington NY.

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