March 21st, 2014 Show Notes – Staff Training

Staff TrainingMarch 21st Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast where Aaron and Terry discussed Staff Training. The guys discuss  a great conversation a couple of weeks ago with Marshall Atkinson about training your staff. Terry has run large and small production facilities around the country so has a great deal in insight into this subject. Aaron quizzes him for your knowledge.

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Staff Training Discussion

  • What’s your feeling about training on the production floor?
    • 52/15
  • Why an owner or shop manager would not do staff training?
    • Take this new knowledge to the competition
    • To busy to take the time for training
  • What kinds of training have you done in your shops?
    • I’ll do sessions on everything… coating screens, washout, press setup, squeegees, etc.
    • I’ll train, I’ll have one of my supervisors or lead staff, and I’ll bring in outside vendors.
  • What’s your take on cross training?
    • Cross training can be a response to absenteeism.
    • Cross training gives me the option of job rotation as well. 
    • Cross training offers you another benefit when the time arrives to look for that next supervisor or manager among your employees
    • People leave, people change jobs, people move to Dubuque, it’s a fact of life and business. If I hoard my screen printing knowledge, I’m left with only a shop full of mediocre workers.
    • When you start a program of cross training, the greatest difficulty will be in finding the time to do it.
    • Always use printed handouts for the benefit of both your instructors and trainees. Leave space for the employees to make their own notes.
    • I like to tie training to advancement and rate increases.
    • Paying employees a bonus for successfully completing a course of study can be a nice perk as well.
    • If you offer compensation in the form of job advancement, a raise or a bonus, it’s fair to test these same employees for an acceptable level of knowledge.


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