May 16th, 2014 Show Notes – Start Your Own Decorating Business Discussion

Start Your Own Decorating BusinessMay 16th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast where Aaron, Terry and Andrea discuss all the components of how to start your own decorating business. Whether its screen printing, sublimation, vinyl, direct-to-garment or another form of decoration, we discussed what you’ll need to buy, the skills you need to learn, and what you can and can’t decorate.

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Sean Stewart – National Graphics Network

  • Tell our listeners a little about you and your journey in this industry.
  • So tell us more about NGN and what it is and why people should join.
  • What about the shows? Tell us more about those and where those are being held this year.
  • Where can people find more information?

National Graphics Network – The NGN Connect Shows

Start Your Own Decorating Business

Today’s show is all about different decoration methods and how to get started… We have talked a lot about the details of different things in the industry, but never really about how to really get started, so lets basically start at the beginning.

Now to really be able to talk intelligently about all the different decorating methods in our industry, we have to bring in a 3rd person, and she is no regular guy, but honestly is a wonderful “Regular” gal. Andrea Bommarito is joining us today from ZSK and SWF Central and she is a self-proclaimed Embroidery Nerd. She is going to help us with the embroidery part as well and bring her unique perspective to the entire industry. Welcome to the show again Andrea!

Screen Printing

Aaron: Terry you’re our resident screen printing guy, let’s talk about the skills required to get started in the business.

Aaron: Let’s run through the list of equipment and supplies you’ll need.

Aaron: Maybe we should have started here, but what are the costs associated with a production shop?


Terry: On the flip side Aaron, your our sublimation regular guy. What kind of skill set does someone need to be involved in sublimation printing?

Andrea: I know there are large-scale and small-scale options. Tell us about the options involved in sublimation printing?

Terry: Let’s talk about the products that can best be printed using sublimation.

Andrea: Tell us the checklist of equipment needed to have a functioning sublimation shop.

Terry: Last question on sublimation, what does it cost to get started?

***We ran out of time so will wrap up this full series next week***


  1. PPAI Expo East (Atlantic City) – May 19th – 21st
  2. Houston NGN Show – May 30th – 30th
  3. NBM Indianapolis – June 12th – 14th
  4. ASI Chicago – July 15th – 17th
  5. Denver NGN Show – July 18th – 19th

Other News/Events

  1. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Workhorse Products in Phoenix – May 17-18, 2014
  2. Introduction to DTG Printing – Equipment Zone in New Jersey (outside NYC) – May 23rd
  3. Complete Screen Printing Business Course – Atlas Screen Supply in Chicago – May 31-June 1, 2014

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