Stunning Laser and Vinyl Products with Industry Educator Lisa Potts


Lisa Potts with Lisa Potts Designs will join the 2 Regular Guys this week. With nearly 10 years of decal and apparel experience, Lisa entered the world of laser cutting. In two years, she has gained over 20K followers on YouTube and Instagram. Lisa uses her expertise to teach others how to design and produce stunning products with home laser cutters and vinyl machines.


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Set your Laser to Stunning

Aaron: Lisa Potts is the creator behind Lisa Potts Designs. With nearly ten years of decal and apparel experience, Lisa set out upon the exciting world of laser cutting. In two years, Lisa has gained a following of over 20K on YouTube and Instagram. She uses her expertise to teach others how to design and produce stunning products with home laser cutters and vinyl machines.

Terry: Most people accidentally become garment decorators. Tell us the story about how you started.

Aaron: We’re all about education and rising tides here. When did you decide you needed to help others?

Terry: Give us an idea about your process of helping people. How does someone go about engaging in your educational content?

Aaron: What are some of the biggest challenges you are seeing new people coming in facing?

Terry: As you know there is a lot of information out there on YouTube, not all of it good. What are you finding your followers are asking for the most? What do they need to be successful?

Terry: Outside of the Start Here Academy, you are out and about teaching at events as well. What is the #1 question you have been getting at the live events?

Aaron: I know it is still a little ways out, but we were able to get connected to you through the mutual project we are working on, The START HERE Academy, out in Charlotte on September 15th. Tell us a little about why you are excited to be speaking there. What can people expect?

Aaron: How can our listeners connect with you?

Facebook Live Video



5 Things to Remember When Teaching New Decorators

From Erich Campbell

  1. Everyone comes with a different body of experience.
  2. Foundational knowledge matters to growth.
  3. We all started from zero at some point.
  4. The introduction you give can color their feelings about the industry.
  5. Benefit from their ‘Beginner Mindset’

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