Sublimation Education with Meghan Rodenhouse


REGGIE Award winner Meghan Rodenhouse joined the 2 Regular Guys this Friday. Meghan is the spokesperson and runs marketing for Craft Express. We’ll discuss the importance of education and how to become an educator. And discuss creating online content via Facebook live, TikTok video, Reel, and more. Join us for a conversation with a rising star in our industry.

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Sublimation Education

Meghan Rodenhouse is the current spokesperson and runs marketing for Craft Express. Previous Sawgrass spokesperson where she ran social, worked on Academy, had a podcast, hosted lives, etc. And Meghan is a current REGGIE Award winner.

What sets Craft Express apart from other dealers?

Education is important to us!  We do Facebook lives, reels and TikTok videos regularly focusing on education.  Plus, our YouTube video is stocked with How To videos.  Most importantly, we are approachable.  We love our crafty community members and want to help them.  We will answer messages at all hours of the day and night.  We see our users as family and we love helping them and being involved in their lives.

What does Craft Express bring to the crafting world?

Craft Express is focused on the joys of crafting for makers at all levels.  At Craft Express we cater to sublimation, vinyl/HTV, rhinestone, laser engraving and several other forms of crafting.  We offer makers and small businesses with the basic cornerstone products, but also offer them unique products they can’t get anywhere else.  We also offer heat presses and machines that are made to not only be functional, but that people want to show off in their craft room. 

Why are you working to build a community of users with Craft Express?

We are working to build a community of users because we think its important that people know that they are not alone.  Crafting can be fun but it can also be difficult, especially when it comes to sublimation and vinyl.  Starting out can be intimidating.  We don’t want that.  So we started our own Facebook community where people are free to ask questions and share projects that they have made.  We are on it all the time either answering those questions or cheering people on.  We are the experts on our products so who better help answer those questions than us?  Plus, we love seeing what people make with our products!  And we have a lot of loyal users who know a lot about our products and want to help others so this gives them the space to do that.

Why is education so important to you at Craft Express?

Education is important to us because Vik and I know firsthand how frustrating it can be for users to get started.  He and I used to work for Sawgrass.  We started the education program there because people would get upset.  You spend a lot of money on an item.  You have high expectations, then you open the box and you’re overwhelmed.  These are intimidating items.  Having an education outlet allows people to learn at their own pace and get comfortable with what they are doing. 

How does someone position themselves as an educator in this industry?

To be an educator in this industry, you must wear many hats.  You have to be a teacher, a spokesperson, a videographer, and a marketer.  It sounds like a lot but it is all possible.  You have to know your craft.  More importantly, you have to relate to your audience.  Know what the problem areas are with the items you are working with.  Know what issues you had when you started.  Anticipate questions before they can be asked.  If you had a question about something or know something is difficult, chances are someone else does too and they’re looking for guidance.  You also need to be able to communicate the solution simply and effectively.  Try to answer the question or explain a solution in as little time and steps as possible. If something starts to sound confusing to you as you explain it, it is 10x more confusing for the listener.  

What are the keys to making a good Facebook live/TikTok video/Reel etc…?

Be short and precise.  People don’t like to watch long videos when they are looking for a quick solution.  And if you want to propel your videos to the top of feeds so you ensure people see them, use keywords, trending sounds, and explain what you will be talking about at the beginning.  You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention.

What is the importance of listening to your audience and crafting community?

It’s important to listen to your audience because they will tell you what they want to know and what they want to learn.  If they are taking the time to comment, like your video or message you, they’re communicating to you what their needs are.  This helps you answer questions, plan future content, relate to your audience and also be seen as a person to your audience.  The more they can relate to you the more they will want to listen to you.  

How can our listeners reach out to you?

Listeners can reach out to me via any Craft Express platform.  I answer almost immediately.  On Facebook we are Craft Express.  On Instagram we are @craftexpressus.  On TikTok we are @craft_express.  On YouTube we are @craftexpressus.  Personally, I have a Make It With Meghan page on Facebook and Instagram.  I am trying to get back on it more often and focus on that as well.