The Sublimation Summit Preview: What to Expect, Who to See, and Why You Should Attend


In this episode, join the 2 Regular Guys as they interview Cheryl Kuchek, an expert in the decorating industry, about the upcoming Sublimation Summit at Peachtree City, Georgia. Cheryl will share insights into what attendees can expect to see and experience at the event, including the featured speakers and exhibitors. Additionally, she will discuss the significance of the Sublimation Summit for those in the decorating industry and why it’s a must-attend event. Tune in to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the Sublimation Summit and why you won’t want to miss it.

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The Sublimation Summit Preview

Aaron: Cheryl, you’ve been here before, but tell our listeners a little about yourself.

Terry: Before we get into the specific, on a broader scale, why do you think decorators need to attend live, in person trade shows in general?

Aaron: So not just about sublimation, talk about the decoration methods people will see and hear about at Sublimation Summit.

Terry: I don’t need to say this for our regular listeners, but we’re all about education here. I know the classes are coming together, but what are some of the main focus areas of education at the Sublimation Summit? 

Terry: Let’s talk about sublimation businesses. How has the way people have to do business changed since the beginning and sort of the end of Covid?

Aaron: Look into your crystal ball and talk to us about what you see in the future for our industry.

Terry: Cheryl, how can our listeners sign up for Sublimation Summit?

Discount code for the 2 Regular Guys – $40 off of 3-day pass and $20 off the 2-day pass.