Sublimation, Vinyl and Glitter, Oh My!


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Joe Piazza the 2018 Best Ambassador to the industry REGGIE winner of Siser North America joins the 2 Regular Guys and the Regulators. He discusses market trends, multimedia designs, how the craft industry is pushing the commercial industry and tips vinyl decorators should know. He also gives us a full rundown of the new sublimation focused products Siser is launching in the coming weeks. He also shares success stories and ideas for growing your business with heat printing and vinyl decoration.

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  • Fruit of the Loom announces plans to cut 100 jobs at company headquarters in Kentucky as reported by local news outlet WKNY. The report says that Fruit of the Loom is transferring IT services to Wipro Ltd., an IT and consulting firm based in India. WKNY says the company projects the transition to commence now through March 2020.

  • EnMart is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at The new site has been redesigned to make shopping with EnMart easier and faster. For blank patch customers, the new Patch Designer Tool allows for quick selection of patch colors and sizes and makes it possible to envision the finished patch. The Thread Selector Tool allows selection of hues from a chart and shows the closest Iris Thread match. Combined with the redesigned Thread Converter tool, choosing and converting thread colors is now quicker and easier.

Sublimation, Vinyl and Glitter

Aaron: Well let’s get the burning question out of the way, what has changed for you since winning the REGGIE Award for Best Ambassador for the Industry?

Terry: Summer is here and Siser has a pretty good feel for the pulse of the market. From all your travels and the interactions you have with folks on Facebook and other platforms, what trends are you seeing?

Aaron: So when we see you on the road, you show us lots of cool multimedia designs. Describe what people are doing with layered vinyl and multimedia designs that have been successful. How does it add value?

Terry: How easy would it be for one of our listeners to take these products and start a full-time stand-alone business?

Aaron: I know the craft industry as it relates to the Silhouette and Cricut cutters is a huge market that you guy know pretty well. How the craft industry is pushing the commercial industry?

Terry: What are you seeing in the solvent printing world? What vinyls are popular with people printing with solvent printers?

Aaron: We always like to try to give our listeners one tip they can start using today. What is the #1 tips vinyl decorators should know to keep being successful?

Terry: Siser has a new product coming out in June. Tell us about that. 

Aaron: Where can people learn more about Siser and find you?

Joe Piazza has been with Siser North America for 5 years, as Marketing/Sales. Joe runs their social media, videos, attends tradeshows, teaches classes, and does training. Joe has 13 years’ experience in the textile decoration industry, with a background in CAD-cut, large format printing, DTG, Sublimation, Digital Art, and CNC. Joe is also a Film Actor and Musician in his free time.

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