Sustainability Beyond the T-Shirt


Join us this Friday as we delve into sustainability with Wayne Morgan, the mind behind PressXchange. While sustainability in garment production is an important topic, our conversation aims to take it a step further. We won’t just scratch the surface on water consumption or recycled materials; instead, we’ll ask thought-provoking questions like, ‘What’s the future for these fantastic machines at the end of their life cycle?’ Expect an engaging discussion that delves deep into sustainability and a chance to get to know Wayne on a personal level. Tune in to broaden your perspective on green practices and their impact on our industry.

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Aaron: Wayne, welcome to the show. We don’t read bios anymore. We’d rather have you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the industry.

Terry: Since we met at the Printing United Media Dinner (where you were self-proclaimed the best wine deliverer of all time), share your thoughts on the expo in Atlanta.

Aaron: The title of today’s show is Sustainability Beyond the T-Shirt. Most of us hear about how much water was saved making a t-shirt, or how many ground-up water bottles are in it, but you want to take it beyond the t-shirt. What do you mean by that?

Terry: When we talked about this show you said “sustainability and how in the workflow it might power sales” And you mentioned you might be turning the tables and asking the #Regulators questions. What questions do you have for them?

Aaron: We all know that the equipment we use to create the product we create has a life cycle. Whether it’s because it is time to upgrade our capacity or just move forward. I think in our part of the industry some of these machines just go sit in storage or are put into the trash. What are the alternatives?

Terry: We know that you work with equipment distributors, like the company I work for Equipment Zone which is a distributor of Epson products. How can we make a commitment to sustainability by working with you?

Aaron: Looking ahead, what trends or developments do you foresee in sustainability within the printing industry?

Terry: When can our listeners learn more about what you are doing at PressXchange? Who should interested distributors reach out to?

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