The 11th Annual REGGIE Award Nominees


Join us for an exciting episode as we reveal the exceptional nominees for the 11th Annual REGGIE Awards on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. These prestigious awards celebrate the outstanding individuals and companies in the garment and product decorating industry, and what sets them apart is that they’re nominated and chosen by the industry itself. Don’t miss this special announcement as we shine a spotlight on those who’ve made a significant impact in 2023. Tune in to discover this year’s deserving contenders and share in the celebration of excellence!

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REGGIE Nominations

Notes: Only 10 nominations were tossed due to a lack of following instructions. The sheeple were out again this year putting people’s names into the best new product category and trade show category. While we appreciate the show of support for that person, we would hope they might have a wider appreciation for the industry and take a little more time to engage.

2023 Fresh Impact Product Award – This category shines a light on products that have made a notable difference in our industry during 2023. To qualify, products should have hit the market within the last three years and not have been on the voting list in previous years. This award aims to acknowledge the fresh and influential contributions these new products bring to our field, showcasing innovation and progress.

FlatRack Thread Racks
LoneStar Adhesive
M&R Quattro DTF Printer
Siser Easycolor DTV

Sawgrass Printmate
Pinch perfect tumbler tool
Romeo & Juliet Siser Cutters
3d puff pro tool
Epson F2270 DTG Printer

2023 Customer Care Spotlight Award – This category is all about recognizing a company, and if applicable, a specific individual within that company, who has shown exceptional customer service in our industry. It’s about spotlighting those who go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied. Please list the company and, if there’s a standout person, mention them too. This award highlights the importance of a customer-focused approach and celebrates the companies and individuals who embody this principle in their daily operations.

Marvin Peardon, Driven By Graphics Supply Co.
Melissa Miller
Real City Design
Roy Huseman – Equipment Zone
Alantra Sawgrass tech support
Debbie Does Design
Frank Good – S&S Activewear
Hagen Francis – with Stitch It International
Lynnie Pinnie
Marie McConnico with rts sublimation blanks
Rene From Texmac
Richard Bloedow –
Siser North America Customer support

Michael Kaminsky – Sublimation 101
Pilar Harrison – The Rhinestone World (NOTE: Crystal Baugh from TRW also got a vote)
Vik Patel – Craft Express
Amanda Jordan – True Digital Artistry
Evan Gordon – Sawgrass
Todd Downing – Fat Dad Custom Designs

*Had 3 people ties, so going with 6 people in the voting.

2023 Industry Education Excellence Award – This category is to recognize the best teacher or online education source that helps people learn in our industry in 2023. It’s for those who love to teach and share knowledge, not sell things through their talks or posts. The award is open to amazing teachers and also to online spots like podcasts, blogs, video channels, virtual events, and training sessions that make learning fun and easy.

Pilar Harrison
Debbie Does Design
Erich Campbell
Josh Ellsworth/Dave Conner – Stahls
Julie Trosen – Blue Moose Boutique and Digital Designs
Kelly Walters Stahls
Marvin Peardon
Patrick Ali
Real City designs
Rts sublimation blanks
Sew Bubbles/Lisa Shaw
Stephanie Young – Siser NA
The Embroidery Nerd

Michael Kaminsky (Sublimation101)
Laurie Donovan Sawgrass Workshops
Nicky Adamkiewicz, The Sassy Subber
Aaron Montgomery – Our Success Group
Todd Downing – Fat Dads Custom Designs
Matt Vasallo – The Rhinestone World

*Had 3 people ties, so going with 6 people in the voting.

2023 Decorator’s Hub Trade Show Award – This category aims to honor an in-person event that significantly benefited, educated, and fostered networking within the decorator’s community in 2023. It’s about applauding the event that offered a robust platform for learning, connecting, and growing together. Through this award, we seek to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that go into organizing a trade show that truly serves and uplifts our industry’s community.

Shirt Lab New Orleans
Pilar Harrison and Todd Downing have arranged a meet and greet at TRW in a few days.

Applique Getaway
DAX Tinley Park, IL
Impressions Expo Long Beach
Everything Embroidery Market

2023 Rising Star Award – This award seeks to highlight an individual under 40 who is making waves in our industry. The nominee should embody the essence of excellence in garment and product decoration, showcasing creativity, skill, and a positive impact in the field. Before making a nomination, please ensure they are indeed under 40. This is about fresh perspectives brought forth by the emerging talents in our industry.

Crystal Baugh
Jenna Sackett – Stahls’
Melissa Miller
Patrick Ali
Pilar Harrison
RJ Rickert
Scrappy Dappy Doo – Lisa

Abby Carrillo Craft Express
Adam Fuller, BJJ Hats
Adrienne Palmer
Amanda Jordan- True Digital Artistry
Ashley Dodd – Aparecium Design Co.
Jelena Cafs

*Michael Kaminsky was nominated. We love you Michael, but we don’t think you qualify.

2023 Women’s Voice Award – This award is all about celebrating a person who is working hard to spotlight the roles and achievements of women in our industry. It’s for someone who is making a big difference in raising awareness and boosting the profile of women in the garment decorating field. Through this award, we aim to say a big ‘thank you’ and cheer on the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and inspiring industry for everyone.

Cassie Green
Ann Crum
Carolyn Cagle
Elly Mae Habets
Julie Trosen – Blue Moose Boutique and Digital Designs
Kellie DeFries – Crystal Ninja
Kim Jenkins
Latonna Robinson – Lady Print Boss
Melissa Miller
Sarah Risser

Megan Rodenhouse
Kristine Shreve
Pilar Harrison
Adrienne Palmer
Martha Kaminsky

2023 2 Regular Guys Podcast Guest Star Award – This award is all about appreciating the guest who not only shared a wealth of information that was a game changer for your business but also kept you entertained on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. It’s for the guest whose insights and engaging demeanor made a lasting positive impression, helping to blend valuable learning with enjoyment.

Got to see who were just sheeple, instead of #Regulators… People who had never been on the show and were just the copy and paste for every category. Hate seeing that, but I’m glad people are interested in the REGGIEs.

Patrick Ali
Pilar Harrison when she won a Reggie.
Her speech on being a woman in the garment industry was inspiring.

Vik Patel
Jay Busselle
Erich Campbell
Jed Seifert Stakes Mfg
Scott Fresener

2023 Industry Ambassador Award – This award is dedicated to recognizing an individual who excellently represents our industry both within and beyond, displaying the commendable facets of garment and product decoration. The “Industry Ambassador Award” celebrates the person who consistently elevates others, demonstrating a blend of positivity, exemplary leadership, and professional integrity that significantly contributes to fostering a cooperative and inspiring atmosphere for everyone in our industry.

Aaron Montgomery
Brett Bowden
Cassie Green
Jay Busselle
Melissa Miller
Patrick Ali
Pilar Harrison
Todd Downing
Michael Kaminsky

Laurie Donovan
Matt Vassallo
Nicky Adamkiewicz- The Sassy Subber
Erich Campbell
Justin Lawrence – Oklahoma Shirt Company
Marvin Peardon

Aaron: Here are some of the notes in the other field:
-It would be nice to recognize a minority group member (Black, Latino, Asian, other and/or women-owned) to celebrate their struggles and successes within an industry predominantly led/represented by Caucasian men.
-Keep up the great work!
-Michael Kaminsky, you are the most helpful, kindest person in sublimation. You showed me so much how to use everything. You treat us like family and I love it.
-Sublimation 101’s Michael Karminski engages with everyone it doesn’t matter if you are a customer or not he still helps you educated you he’s the best there is!
-Under 40!is not a fair representation it’s bias. Many people start out late so this is not an accurate stat
-you need a kid-fluencer category for kids under 10

Going forward. The voting is now open.
Voting will take place beginning November 10th and ending on December 7th, at 5 PM Central Time.
Winners will be announced on our show on December 8th.

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