The Art of Pricing


The decorators’ community brings a world of creative people together to make the most amazing stuff. The 2 Regular Guys know that pricing can be a huge challenge for many businesses, both large and small. In this episode, Terry and Aaron will discuss the art of finding the right pricing model for your business. They both have years of experience pricing products and so their back and forth about the methods they use will surely give you the knowledge you can put to work immediately. It’s time to find a  pricing strategy that puts profit in your pockets.

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The Art of Pricing

  • Our experience with pricing and what we have learned
    • End of U.S. Screen and our take on why
      • Didn’t know their numbers – selling for less than what it cost – Could not make it up in volume and then from there it was how long could they feed the beast (Payroll, etc.)
  • Other mistakes we have seen
  • Art Versus Science
  • What is a pricing strategy
    • Can’t just use a spreadsheet
    • .99 on everything
    • Being the lowest price = commodity.
    • Pricing by committee
    • Models for markup
  • Value Propositions
  • Measurable vs. Perceived
  • Unique Value
  • Higher Value =/= More Input
  • Intangibles