The Business of Bling

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Yes, people, we have a Ninja in the House! Kellie DeFries, known worldwide as the Crystal Ninja joins us to talk about all things bling. Not only does she help us break down the business of bling, but she also inspires us to work our businesses as if we have made it. She took her hobby of putting crystals and all sorts of things in her studio apartment to a worldwide operation that now finally has a much-deserved patent. She gives us some great ideas for way decorators can add perceived value to our products and also challenges us to charge what we are worth. Plus she is a heck of a lot of fun and you don’t want to miss the Strom Trooper’s helmet.

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The Business of Bling

Aaron: Kellie, tell us how all this started?

Terry: You seem pretty excited about something you’re waiting for in the mail. Tell us about your news on a new patent.

Aaron: Early on in our communications about being on the show, a very unusual decoration job came up. Talk to us about your work with street signs in Beverly Hills.

Terry: What’s the most unusual item you’ve decorated?

Aaron: Besides substantial labor, what kind of cost would be involved in a project like this?

Terry: How about the most difficult item?

Aaron: What should garment decorators be Blinging out that they are not and what value does that bring to a shop?

Terry: What’s the biggest issue, the biggest struggle you see decorators having?

Aaron: If you had to pick one tip you would offer decorators, what would it be?

Terry: We do a lot of predicting here on 2RG. What’s your outlook for the Bling market in general? It is obviously not a fad like some predicted 10-15 years ago.

Aaron: Tell our listeners how to find you and to find out about your classes, etc.

Recognized worldwide for her artistry, expertise, and professionalism, Kellie DeFries, aka the Crystal Ninja, and her crew of highly skilled designers, produce the most outrageous crystal designs on planet earth—all created with SWAROVSKI crystals. Kellie’s crystallization work appears with alarming regularity on TV, in celebrity swag bags, on the stars (and their cars), and swanky properties all over the world. Even Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Henri Bendel carry Crystal Ninja goodness. As one of 54 SWAROVSKI ambassadors in the world, Kellie has traveled the globe teaching her rock-solid tips, tricks, and techniques using SWAROVSKI crystal exclusively. During 2016 Kellie was chosen as 1 of only 7 Swarovski Authorized Instructors for all of the USA.

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