The Creative Process


This Friday the 2 Regular Guys will welcome in Sheila Ryan. The conversation will cover the creative process and good embroidery design principles. The Creative Process is vital to all garment and product decorators, so this week’s show will have something for everyone!

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The Creative Process

Aaron: Sheila Ryan has been digitizing embroidery designs professionally for nearly four years, and sewing for boutiques and custom orders for the last 15 years. Not being afraid of new challenges and opportunities has driven her to try new things, explore new business avenues and expand her reach to new markets. Sheila loves the tech and business side of the process almost as much as the making of the physical things. 

Terry: Tell us a little bit about how you get involved in the industry. How did you get where you are today?

Aaron: You’ve talked with us about the creative process, and from looking at your offerings online, we know you consistently create new designs and concepts. How would you describe your approach to the creative process?

Terry: We’re all about education here at 2RG. Let’s talk about how you share with individuals and businesses how to develop their own creative process.

Aaron: Education isn’t just for those of us on this side of the counter; we know you feel strongly about educating customers on how to recognize quality embroidery- what are the most important things you tell customers to look for?

Terry: You shared with us that as much as you love to teach technique, you are also passionate about helping people make that move from hobby into business; What’s the biggest challenge you find new ‘sellers’ facing when they make the switch?

Aaron: In your bio we talked about exploring new business avenues and expanding into new markets. Let’s talk about your experience, and then advice to other businesses.

Terry: Aaron saw a new podcast in your future. What void in the broadcast marketplace are you looking to fill?

Aaron: Terry and I have faced challenges over the years. What challenges have you encountered on your podcast road?

Terry: Let’s end with a quick embroidery question for all of the stitchers listening in: What’s your favorite thread, project, or technique you’ve been playing with lately? What’s exciting in your ‘lab’ lately?

Aaron: If people want to find out more about what you have going on, where can they find you?, a podcast production for
Applique Getaway – the Virtual Getaway coming up 2nd weekend in November 
Shannon Fabrics – check my social media for upcoming classes and where I’ll be teaching 
And my favorite place to hang out – The Designs by Babymoon Friends and Fans Facebook group – I’m in there a lot sharing new designs, chatting about embroidery (of course), and hanging out with the people who speak my language! 

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5 things New Makers can consider when figuring out what to sell and how to price things

From Shelia Ryan –

  1. Visit places where things similar to what you want to offer are being offered.
  2. Put your own spin on your products.
  3. Start with a Unique Set of Materials 
  4. Consider your pricing – Its OK to make a profit
  5. Look at the price of things that are produced by factories

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