The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Side Hustle Decorating Business


(Sponsored by GRAPHICS PRO EXPO) Aaron and Terry will be sharing some tips on what to do (and not to do) while dipping a toe into the decorating business on nights and weekends. Most of our listeners are already decorators, but we want to hear your side hustle war stories as well. Who knows? Sharing your experience might be the difference maker for a future decorator looking for a little help along the way.

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  • Norm Hullinger, CEO of AlphaBroder for the past nine years, is becoming COO at Commerce, California based Bella Canvas. Dan Pantano who’s been serving as president at AlphaBroder is taking over as CEO.

Dad Joke: 

Did you know the real estate market is crazy?

Yeah, even bouncy houses are going up due to… inflation!

Starting a Side Hustle Decorating Business

Get Educated – Even with just a part-time side hustle, learn to do it right, and learn to produce quality products.

Create a Business Plan – Aaron, go for it!! 🙂

Find Your Niche – Your hours and minutes are limited. Laser focus your attention on a specific niche to maximize your potential.

Start Small – I don’t mean limit how much money you make, but for efficiency with your limited time also limit your product offerings and processes.

Charge Like it’s Worth it! – Some home based businesses, especially side hustle businesses, don’t think what they do has value. It is! Plus, if dreams come true and you turn this into a full-time business, it’s hard to tell all your customers that you have to start charging real prices now.

Family/Personal Time – Be sure to block out time for family, friends, and to recharge.

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5 Steps to Being a Goal Getter

  1. Set Actual Goals, Now wishes of Dreams
  2. Share, Read, Review – Keep them in your line of Vision
  3. Take Daily Action – Towards your Goal
  4. Affirm Your Goal
  5. Celebrate

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