The Everything Embroidery Market


Hope Dale and Cristina Schulman will be joining the 2 Regular Guys this Friday to talk about the April “Everything Embroidery Market”. Described as the largest event of its kind, this show focuses on the embroidery, sublimation, applique, and vinyl application industry. Tune in to see if this trade show is a must-see for you!


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Everything Embroidery Market

Aaron: Introduce Hope Dale and Cristina Schulman

Terry: Tell us first how each of you entered the industry. 

Aaron: Everything Embroidery Market Show is coming up in Chattanooga April 28-30. Talk to us about how each of you got involved in this event.

Aaron: Who should attend? What’s your target audience? 

Terry: What about education? What is lined up for the show?

Aaron: Besides these in person events, what else is available from Everything Embroidery Market?

Terry: You both also host a podcast. Tell us more about that.

Aaron: Where can people connect with you and go to sign up for EEM?

Facebook Live Video



Top 5 Things for EEM Attendees

From Hope Dale, Everything Embroidery Market

  1. Check out all the vendors that will be in Chattanooga.
  2. Check out the Hotel Blocks
  3. Follow all the vendors you want to see on Social Media!
  4. Plan and attend the classes.
  5. Enjoy yourself!

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