The Ins and Outs of Mobile Events


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Aaron and Terry welcome into the show the guys from Mobile Ink POD in Richmond, VA to talk about the different facet of their business and to give us some helpful advice on the ins and outs of mobile events. Mobile Events are one way that a screen printer or any decorator can make themselves stand out from the crowd. Hosting or working a mobile event though can be more tricky if you don’t have the right mindset and tools. We

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The Ins and Outs of Mobile Events

Introduce MIP: Welcome to the show Mobile Ink POD whose goal is to solve an event planner’s problem of printing T-shirts. Instead of guessing sizes, colors, and figuring out the ideal design, they allow you to invite the Mobile Ink P.O.D (Prints on Demand) . They bring the blank inventory— in any size, style, and color!— which is no cost to the event planner. Then they print, dry, and deliver event’s Tee-shirt on the spot. In addition, the Ink Pod can print four separate one-color designs, providing attendees with multiple options! Their off-grid T-shirt printing emphasizes no-waste promotional printing. You’re saving the environment by only printing YOUR brand on the apparel that YOUR supporters choose. From Mobile Ink, we have Barrett Snow who is a Professional screen printer, mechanic, and stuntman. He is the owner and operator of the Mobile Ink POD. We also have Joseph Domino who is the creative and promotional director for Mobile Ink POD and last but not least Rob Ujevic who is the affiliate director for Mobile Ink POD.

Terry: Welcome into the show guys! Barrett, Aaron gave us a little info on you, can you share how you got into screen printing and why you went the Mobile Events route?

Aaron: Joe, what are the idea mobile events?

Terry: Rob, tell us about some experiences from working at mobile ink pod?

Aaron: Rob, how did the mobile events concept begin?

Terry: Barrett, how can others own a mobile ink pod?

Aaron: Joe, where can people go to learn about mobile ink pod?

Terry: Barrett, why should someone invest in an ink pod?

Aaron: Thanks for coming on the show. How can our listeners find you?

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