The Journey from Novice to Educator


Welcome to the start of season 10 of 2 Regular Guys! Laurie Donovan will join the 2 Regular Guys this Friday to talk about her journey from a crafting corner in her kitchen to becoming a Sawgrass Product Ambassador and an instructor at Creative Studio Workshops.  You too can take a similar journey with your business.


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Novice to Educator

Aaron: Laurie Donovan began her business, Krafty Korner Gifts, in the corner of her kitchen with a single needle embroidery machine. Within a year she wanted to do more. Laurie said she had been wanting a Sawgrass printer for about 10 years and one night impulsively purchased an SG400. She knew nothing about the printer or sublimation. Fast forward to owning her printer for nearly 2 years and she was signing a contract with Sawgrass to be a product ambassador and teach the Creative studio program. Covid 19 changed the road map on how her journey as a Sawgrass ambassador was supposed to start. She went from planning several different ways to market the workshops to “HEY you start in two weeks and by the way, you are your own marketing department.” Aside from the lockdowns, masks, and turmoil during this journey, Laurie says she would not change a thing. Still learning as much as she is teaching, Laurie has found her dream space in this industry.

Terry: Laurie, take us back to that small space in the corner of your kitchen. Talk about how you got started from the very beginning.

Aaron: And tell us about your business today.

Terry: How did you go from a machine owner to a Product Ambassador for Sawgrass.

Aaron: What exactly is a Product Ambassador? How many are you?

Terry: Talk to us about the Creative Studio Workshops. Who can attend? What will they learn?

Aaron: So why Sawgrass? Many of the hobby to business groups are littered with 3rd party ink, and non-purpose built printers. Why did you choose Sawgrass?

Terry: As you know we recently had a friend of yours on, Nicky Adamkiewicz. We asked her a question we want to ask you about sublimation – What are your favorite items to decorate? And what product makes you groan just a little when a customer brings it up?

Aaron: Tell people where they can find out more information about the work you do for both Sawgrass and at Krafty Korner Gifts.

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5 Things to Get your Company Winning

From Victor Pena, Omni Print International

  1. Goal Structuring
  2. Educate Yourself
  3. Work Hard – It’s Not Easy
  4. Mindset
  5. Create Content to Put Your Company Out there AND See it Grow

Tune in to the full episode with Victor “Building a Millionaire Brand and Growth Mindset”

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