The Landscape of a Post Pandemic Decorating Community – Part 2


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. This as with all catastrophes will come to an end, and life will go on as usual. Or will it be as usual? Part 2 will be the continuation of the discussion where the guys (Aaron and Terry) The changes they anticipate in how we do business as decorators going forward after COVID-19. In part 1, we discuss who is being hurt worse right now and what you can do to avoid trouble and move forward through this. The 2 Regular Guys are looking forward to lots of feedback and thoughts from the Regulators as well!

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  • SGIA announced the new Apparel Decorators Town Hall next Wednesday, April 29. It’s free and they are planning to do more in the series, but put this Facebook Live event together to equip those in the current uncertainty with COVID-19 with some extra resources to help their businesses. SGIA’s Apparel Decorators Committee is committed to keeping the apparel community up to date on COVID-19 during these uncertain times.

  • And we want to announce another Decorators Community Virtual Cocktail Party Friday, May 1st, starting at 8:00 EDT. BYOB!

  • The deadline for 2021 Speakers at Impressions Expo has been extended until next Friday, May 1st. So if you want to be a speaker next year, you still have time.

  • Katy Ditallo with NBM told me they are right now attempting to move the June 11-13 Indianapolis show to a yet to be determined date in July. We’ll stay on top of this and update when we can.

  • Marcia Derryberry with Impressions and Impressions Expo said they have streamlined all of their social sites into one called Impressions Group and they are loading editorial content nearly every day to help keep decorators informed and learning new things in addition to important Impressions Expo info.

  • Terry Dad Joke What did the fish say when he ran into a concrete wall?


Landscape of a Post Pandemic Decorating Community

Part 2: What does the world look like when the sun rises on a pandemic free day?

The bottom line, I think some of the changes that were forced upon companies and individuals during Covid-19 may become the new way we do business.

Face-to-face may become a less common way to do business

Maybe working from home does work after all

Scavenging – shops that are closing may create a glut of used equipment in the channel as well as leaving unserved or underserved customers in their regions after things start to return to normal; how will this affect the landscape and the opportunities for decorators who stick it out or start in the wake of this crisis?

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