The Language of Machine Embroidery


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We had Lisa Shaw from Sew Bubbles scheduled for the program, but due to technical difficulties, Erich Campbell stepped in and answered our Embroidery Lingo questions for us. Lisa still provided great insight in the comments section so we are excited to have her back soon to go deeper into this topic. Thanks to Erich Campbell for jumping in for us and providing a ton of embroidery knowledge. It can be a challenge to understanding the lingo of machine embroidery – from acronyms to terms that are part of the “language of machine embroidery” it gets tough. We demystify that on this episode.

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The Language of Machine Embroidery

Lisa Shaw has been involved with machine embroidery education and inspiration since the mid-90s. Machine embroidery is her passion as well as her occupation – this combination makes for an artistic as well as an efficient perspective for the needs of the machine embroidery software user. She has appeared on It’s Sew Easy TV show, has online classes on Bluprint and written articles for trade magazines such as Creative Machine Embroidery and Designs in Machine embroidery magazine. She continues to travel worldwide teaching and promoting the Embrilliance software programs. Her latest adventure is hosting the Afterhours with Lisa Live broadcast on her Facebook page where you can catch her most Monday evenings.

Aaron: Like any industry, embroiderers tend to talk in acronyms and hard-to-decipher terms that a newbie might not understand. WSS, FSL, Floating, Basting, Tensions and Tatami – Let’s talk acronyms and terms; what do you find trips up new embroiderers? 

Terry: What exactly is applique? Is using applique the same as creating a patch? What about rip-away applique?

Aaron: New embroiderers often stress about setting themselves up to digitize and debate brands back and forth, where I have known more than a few embroiders that never digitize at all. Do you think most embroiderers need digitizing software, or is customizing software enough? What are the key differences?

Terry: Now that we’re on software, here’s a software term that makes people giggle. Dongles! What are they, and why do they matter?

Aaron: Let’s talk a little about another set of software terms folks may not be using correctly: updates and upgrades- What are the differences between the two, and how do you decide when to step up to new tools?

Terry: We all know that person who uses big words for which they may or may not have a handle on the correct meaning. Which embroidery terms get misused often- do you have a pet peeve for your glossary?

Aaron: If I have one thing I’d like to never hear again, it’s the question “How do I ‘convert’ a JPG to a DST file?” Let’s talk autodigitizing- what have you seen out there, and what place do you think it has in our tools?

Terry: Let’s talk about “fonts”. What’s the difference between Truetype fonts and embroidery fonts?  You hear about object-based keyboard fonts, stitch-based keyboard fonts, and embroidery letter designs, but what difference does it make to decorators?

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