The Pros and Cons of a Family Business


Keith Burwell with Precision 1 Apparel will join Aaron and Terry to discuss the ins and outs, the ups and downs of going into business with family. Common in the decorating industry, the family business can be a blessing and a curse. Keith will share his story of his family’s journey into garment decorating. Plus Cheryl Kuchek with The Sublimation Summit will drop by for a quick chat about her virtual event coming up.

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Family Business

Terry: We’d like to welcome in Keith Burwell with Precision One Apparel. Precision One started in 2006 with Keith and his father and sister, in a small town in Northern California. The business started in the garage for printing and out of Keith’s sign shop for sales. They now have 6000 sq ft. Keith says they went through what he calls 3 phases. Dad has retired and Keith’s sister left the company. Over the last couple of years Keith has upgraded all the equipment, expanded, and like so many of us, has been battling through COVID.

Aaron: Keith, let’s start here. Talk about the evolution of being in business together with your family from how it started to where you are now.

Terry: Did you all talk about the pitfalls of working with family? And what are the pitfalls that you see?

Aaron: If there are pitfalls, there must be benefits. What are the benefits you see of working with your family?

Terry: How as a family business were decisions made? Did everyone have a vote? Was one person in charge and the final decision maker?

Terry: It’s common in this industry for it to be a family affair. Go down the checklist our listeners should follow when considering this.

Aaron: Let’s shift quickly here because we got to meet you and hang out at ThreadX this year. You participate in a lot of industry groups and education, so tell us about what that does for your business. 

Aaron: Keith, tell us how our listeners can reach out to you.

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