The Reality of Water Base Color Matching Systems


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We are welcoming into the show Jesse Martinez of Matsui International Company, Inc. to share with us about Water Based Color Matching Systems. With more decorators moving toward water-based inks, this will be an informative program. Learning about mixing systems and matching colors.

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ISS 2019 Education Plan

Marcia Derryberry with Impressions magazine and the ISS Show is joining us for a few minutes to talk about education. Welcome to the show Marcia.

Terry: Marcia we didn’t get a chance to continue our education discussion at the Ft Worth show last week. Tell us what we should be expecting next year at the ISS events?

Aaron: For our listeners to plan, where are the shows next year?

Terry: Anything exciting happening with Impressions?

Aaron: Thanks for joining us today. Where can folks find you, Impressions and the ISS Show?

Water Base Color Matching Systems

Terry: Jesse, start us off by telling us about the Matsui water base ink products.

Aaron: Talk to us about the importance of color matching in screen printing and how Matsui deals with it.

Terry: How does water base color matching compare with plastisol color matching?

Aaron: Jesse, talk to our listeners about Color Management Software.

Terry: What are the variables we’ll need to consider?

Aaron: We know that water base can’t be set on the shelf in an open container like plastisol. Share with us about dispensing units for water base.

Terry: How does lighting impact the end product?

Aaron: You mentioned to us pre-show Recipe Prediction Software. What exactly is this?

Terry: What are the Digital Quality Control tools available?

Sam Bolinger: Jesse is the man, would be good to have him talk about RC neo vs OW neo on their mixing system. Valuable information for people interested in color matching with Matsui.)

Aaron: Jesse, thanks for joining us again today. Where can our listeners find you?

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