The REGGIEs Awards Announcement and Printing United Expo Preview


Join us for an exciting episode as we unveil the categories for the annual REGGIEs Awards, celebrating excellence in the garment decorating industry. Discover how you can participate and recognize outstanding achievements. Additionally, we’ll dive into the Printing United Expo, sharing key details that matter to our audience. Learn about highlighted educational sessions, exciting events on the expo floor, and the role of the Alliance in meeting the industry’s growing needs. We’ll also introduce Brandy Jamison-Neth and her role with the Apparelist, a valuable outlet serving the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this episode provides valuable insights and opportunities you won’t want to miss!

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Printing United Expo Preview

Aaron: Welcome to the show Josh and Brandy. For any new listeners, could you each tell us a little about yourself, and how you found yourself in the industry?

Terry: Brandy, you have a new position with Apparelist. Tell us about that.
Reach out to me at or LinkedIn and stop by our site 

Aaron: The Printing United Expo in Atlanta is around the corner. Talk to us about the education opportunities there.

Terry: Tell our listeners what to expect in the Apparel Zone.

Aaron: Josh, tell us about the Future State Theatre.

Terry: Anything about the show that we’ve missed?

Aaron: How can our listeners get more information?

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The REGGIEs Awards Announcement

Aaron: REGGIE Awards Categories – To start the next decade of REGGIE awards in our 11th year we thought now was a great time to freshen up the names of the awards and then refine and make them more concise the awards. So we have reduced the number of categories but freshened them up with a new coat of paint so to speak. 

Terry: Last year – Best New Product

This category is for products that have impacted our industry in 2022. These products must have been released in the last 3 years and have not made the voting before.

Sublimation Paints by Artesprix

This year – same category just better description: 2023 Fresh Impact Product Award – This category shines a light on products that have made a notable difference in our industry during 2023. To qualify, products should have hit the market within the last three years and not have been on the voting list in previous years. This award aims to acknowledge the fresh and influential contributions these new products bring to our field, showcasing innovation and progress. 

Aaron: Last Year – Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service (List the Company and Person) – Share a specific company and if there is a person who stands out there, share that too. This company and team members are customer service-oriented.

Vik Patel with Craft Express

This year – same category just better description: 2023 Customer Care Spotlight Award – This category is all about recognizing a company, and if applicable, a specific individual within that company, who have shown exceptional customer service in our industry. It’s about spotlighting those who go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied. Please list the company and, if there’s a standout person, mention them too. This award highlights the importance of a customer-focused approach and celebrates the companies and individuals who embody this principle in their daily operations.

Terry: Last year we had these two categories:

Best Industry Educator

Laurie Donovan

Best Podcast or Online Education

Meghan Rodenhouse Craft Express Live

For 2023 we’re combining these categories under one Education umbrella

2023 Industry Education Excellence Award –  This category is to recognize the best teacher or online education source that helps people learn in our industry in 2023. It’s for those who love to teach and share knowledge, not sell things through their talks or posts. The award is open to amazing teachers and also to online spots like podcasts, blogs, video channels, virtual events, and training sessions that make learning fun and easy. 

Aaron: Last Year – Best Industry Trade Show

We want to recognize the in-person event that best supported, educated, and provided networking for the decorator’s community in 2022.

Printing United Expo Las Vegas

This year – same category just better description: 2023 Decorator’s Hub Trade Show Award – This category aims to honor an in-person event that significantly benefited, educated, and fostered networking within the decorator’s community in 2023. It’s about applauding the event that offered a robust platform for learning, connecting, and growing together. Through this award, we seek to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that go into organizing a trade show that truly serves and uplifts our industry’s community.

Terry: Last Year – Most Influential Up & Comer in the Industry

This category is to recognize the under-40 crowd in our industry. This nominee should exemplify all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration. Before nominating, please be sure the person is in fact under 40.

Steven Wingler

This year – same category just better description: 2023 Rising Star Award – This award seeks to highlight an individual under 40 who is making waves in our industry. The nominee should embody the essence of excellence in garment and product decoration, showcasing creativity, skill, and a positive impact in the field. Before making a nomination, please ensure they are indeed under 40. This is about fresh perspectives brought forth by the emerging talents in our industry.

Aaron: Last Year – Women in Garment Decorating Award

Based on our past quarterly show of the same name, this category is meant to recognize the person who is doing the most to raise the profile of women in the industry.

Lauren Owens

This year – same category just better description: 2023 Women’s Voice Award – This award is all about celebrating a person who is working hard to spotlight the roles and achievements of women in our industry. It’s for someone who is making a big difference in raising awareness and boosting the profile of women in the garment decorating field. Through this award, we aim to say a big ‘thank you’ and cheer on the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and inspiring industry for everyone.

Terry: This next category for 2023 will be rolled into Best Ambassador for the Industry. So stay tuned for that, but last year it was called – Most Inspirational Decorators Community Member

Lauren Owens

Aaron: Last Year – Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast

This category is to recognize the guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast that provided the most information that helped your business and was entertaining.

Lauren Donovan

This year – same category just better description: 2023 2 Regular Guys Podcast Guest Star Award – This award is all about appreciating the guest who not only shared a wealth of information that was a game changer for your business but also kept you entertained on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. It’s for the guest whose insights and engaging demeanor made a lasting positive impression, helping to blend valuable learning with enjoyment. 

Terry: Best Ambassador for the Industry

This category is to recognize someone who represents our industry, within and without, and exemplifies all the positive aspects of garment and product decoration.

Aaron Montgomery

As I said earlier, we sunset the most inspirational category that evolved out of the pandemic, but really this award should encompass those values.  So here is the new description: 2023 Industry Ambassador Award – This award is dedicated to recognizing an individual who excellently represents our industry both within and beyond, displaying the commendable facets of garment and product decoration. The “Industry Ambassador Award” celebrates the person who consistently elevates others, demonstrating a blend of positivity, exemplary leadership, and professional integrity that significantly contributes to fostering a cooperative and inspiring atmosphere for everyone in our industry.

Aaron: After the Secret Sauce here in a moment, you are going to go to and start nominating. Please note that to nominate you must have a valid email address and you will be added to our email list, but you can unsubscribe at any time. Here are the rules and regulations as we attempt to make this about the spirit of what it is. A way to celebrate the people, services, and companies that make this industry so great.

  • You must nominate a company or individual in at least 5 of the 8 categories. Nomination forms that have less than 5 categories filled in will be tossed out and not counted.
  • To encourage a wider range of participation from around the industry, we are limiting nominations to a maximum of two categories per company or individual. In the case a company or individual receives nominations in more than two categories, the top two vote counts per category will be used.
  • Nominations close on November 9th at 5 PM Central Time. This is a hard date, so no emails afterward asking us to make an exception.
  • Nominee announcements will be on November 10th.
  • Voting will take place beginning November 10th and ending on December 7th, at 5 PM Central Time.
  • Winners will be announced on our show on December 8th.

The winners will receive a REGGIE Plaque, REGGIE Mug, and also a copy of my book, The FUNdamentals of Business Success which you can keep for yourself or give away to someone in your community.

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