The State of the Apparel Decorating Industry


Join us for a deep dive into ‘The State of the Apparel Decorating Industry’ as we welcome Cassie Green from the Apparelist. In this insightful episode, we explore the latest developments, business strategies, and technology insights driving the decoration industry. Discover how industry media and events play a crucial role in supporting these initiatives. Additionally, we’re joined by an Apparelist Advisory Board member, Carlo Oviedo from Culture Studio, who sheds light on the board’s function. He will also share his unique insights as a decorator with his pulse on the state of the industry. Tune in for valuable industry insights and actionable takeaways.

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The State of the Industry

Aaron: Cassie, as Editor-in-Chief of the Apparelist, you have your finger on the pulse of the apparel decorating industry. Could you highlight some key developments or trends that are currently shaping the industry’s landscape?

Terry: What emerging technologies or markets are you seeing through the coverage at Apparelist?

Aaron: What do you think is the importance of industry media and events? Could you share some insights into how regulators can maximize their businesses with these resources to stay informed and competitive?

Terry: Cassie, you’ve had the opportunity to observe various strategies employed by successful businesses in the decoration industry through your role and travel with the Apparelist. Can you share some insights or success stories? How can listeners implement some of these strategies? 

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Aaron: Let’s welcome in an Apparelist Advisory Board member, Carlo Oviedo from Culture Studio. Carlo, share a little about yourself and your business with our listeners.

Terry: A question for both of you. What is the Apparelist Advisory Board and what is its function in our industry? Carlo, let’s start with you.

Cassie, How can our listeners get involved?

Aaron: Carlo, as a member of the Apparelist Advisory Board, what motivated you to get involved, and how has your experience been so far in shaping industry content and direction? 

Terry: Carlo, From your vantage point, how can decorators leverage technology and emerging trends to enhance their businesses and stay ahead in the highly competitive world of apparel decoration?

Aaron: The Expo is right around the corner in Atlanta, GA. The 2 Regular Guys are going to be there. Carlo is going to be there and Cassie is going to be there. Cassie, can you share some of the things that regulators don’t want to miss besides hanging out with this awesome crew?

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