Thriving as a Punk Rocker in the Professional World


Join the 2 Regular Guys Podcast for an inspiring episode as we welcome Rodeo Bo – Robert “Bo” Betzler. With a unique blend of skills in graphic artistry, video production, music, and photography, Bo has found his niche in the world of garment and substrate decoration, all while maintaining his punk rock spirit. Discover Bo’s journey of breaking free from traditional corporate constraints and embracing creativity in the decoration industry. Gain valuable insights on how to infuse passion, individuality, and authenticity into your work. Whether you’re a rebel at heart or looking to inject some punk rock energy into your business endeavors, this episode promises to be a source of inspiration and a reminder to have fun and be yourself.

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Thriving as a Punk Rocker

Aaron: Welcome Bo. Thanks for joining us. No buttons to hit or coordination you need to do today as you are normally the one bringing in guests. But start us off with where the nickname Bo came from and even better, how you got the moniker Rodeo Bo?

Terry: You have an interesting take on the “value of nostalgia”. Tell us about that and how it impacts your work.

Aaron: Bo, tell us about your dad’s record collection, and what the Regulators should be listening to.

Aaron: Have you been inspired to embrace your punk rock spirit or is that just a core value? What challenges have come up from embracing that punk rock persona?

Terry: Can you share some memorable experiences where your punk rock approach helped your work?

Aaron: What advice would you give to #Regulators looking to express their uniqueness in a professional environment?

Terry: How can listeners infuse more fun and authenticity into their daily work routines, regardless of their industry?

Aaron: What are some of the potential pitfalls you have seen or encountered with marrying up the desire for uniqueness and individually with the demand of a professional environment? Fortunately, our industry is not too stuffy, it’s a t-shirt after all, but I have also seen people shoot themselves in the foot in the name of uniqueness when they probably should have leaned more towards professionalism.

Terry: Are there specific strategies or mindsets you’ve adopted to maintain your individuality while working within a corporate structure?

Aaron: Bo, this has been a great conversation. And we didn’t even hardly talk about sublimation. I know listeners can find you regularly online in your role with Conde. How can our listeners reach out to you and find you?

Aaron: With it being Friday the 13th, are you superstitious? Or have any weird design printing rituals?

Terry: We always love to look ahead, especially with 2023 winding down. What’s your vision for the future of creativity in the decoration industry?

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