Time Management Tips


(Sponsored by PRINTING United) This week Aaron and Terry are going to discuss some time management tips that can help you feel less overwhelmed. We hear over and over again, “How can I get everything done?” and as we recover and get back to business, we need to be operating at peak efficiency to make up for lost business. Aaron is going to share some tips that they teach inside of Our Success Group and if you would like to learn more, visit oursuccessgroup.com

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  • Terry: We did some binge-watching on Netflix over the Memorial Day weekend. I thought Emily in Paris, which is basically Sex in the City set in Paris for a new generation, made some profound comments on the old guard of business meeting the need for good social media marketing. Watch it (or watch it again) and determine if you have truly embraced the need for social media marketing, or are one of those characters who think this type of marketing doesn’t fit your very special and mature image.

  • Aaron: Recently Graphics Pro magazine posted a great article about the supply chain woes people are facing and will continue to face. Todd Downing from Our Success Group was quoted in the article talking about being transparent with customers “We told them about the shutdowns overseas, the ships sitting in ports, import companies working at one-fourth of the staff, and how that all meant that we just didn’t know anything, but as soon as we could, we would.” he continued “customers we were able to serve in these tumultuous times are happy and thankful. The customers we couldn’t help were understood due to full transparency.” Read more and hear from others in the industry too at https://graphics-pro.com/feature/custom-graphics-industry-faces-supply-chain-woes/

Dad Joke: What is a Walruses’ favorite type of gum?


Courtesy of 10 year old, Lewis Montgomery 

Time Management Tips

Terry: What is the first step in improving your time management?

Time Study

Terry: Let’s talk about email. Like it or not, it is still one of the main business communication tools, so what is your strategy?

Inbox Zero

Terry: How about Social Media, Text Messages, Messengers, DM, and other communication methods?

Have a capture system

Terry: So far we have talked about organizing, but at this point, people will probably just have big long lists of to-dos. What is next?

Prioritize – Automate – Do Dump Delegate

Skip? Terry: What are some of the things you have seen from some of the most successful time managers out there?

We all have the same 24 hours – Be rigid about your system – Borrow from places like David Allen Getting Things Done

Terry: So what do you say to those folks who are just overwhelmed and frozen because they have so much to do?

Priority Management – Mindset – Elephant

Aaron: We really have just scratched the surface of this. I have created an entire system, and this topic fits perfectly as we just finished a full training this Wednesday night for the OSG Members. If people are interested in more, they can become a member as members get access to all the live training coming up and all of the past training we have done. www.oursuccessgroup.com/memberships

I have one last question for you though as a fellow time management nerd, what is your number one tip?

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5 Things to do Everyday

  1. Do one thing to develop your business.  Even if it’s just handing out a business card.
  2. Do one thing for yourself. Find some beauty in the world. Take a moment and relax. Breathe. Bike to work. Hit the gym. Or maybe, just don’t inhale.
  3. Do one thing for someone else, looking for nothing in return.
  4. Do one thing to lend closure to the past. Even if that means finally getting old invoices out.
  5. Clear out your inbox. (Timely given our topic today!)

Courtesy of Brian Bailie from Embrilliance by Brintonleap


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