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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We are excited to welcome in Monty Mims this week to pick up lots of tips and tricks from the people supplying you the blank garments. Monty is a second generation apparel decorator and is part of the Decorator Relations team at SanMar. Monty will help us find some great ideas for killing it with your business, the best way to market garments and provide his insight from his role at SanMar. We are excited to host another Apparel Geek (He even has the social media handle Apparelgeek!)

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Tips from an Apparel Geek

Terry: Tell us a little about your father’s shop and how it was growing up around the industry. What got you hooked on apparel, and what did you do in your time working directly in decoration?

Aaron: How did you transition into working with SanMar? How do you feel your experience growing up around decoration informed your work there as you became a territory manager?

Terry: Tell us more about the mission of the SanMar’s Decorator Relations Team and the role you take in making that happen.

Aaron: For the average decorator, the sound of a team dedicated to solving decoration and apparel problems and networking with experts to answer questions sounds fantastic; what do you think the benefits of your work are both to decorators and to SanMar as an organization?

Terry: We need some tips that our listeners can apply in their shops today. What’s the number one mistake decorators make in selling garments to their clients, and how can they fix it?

Aaron: I’m all about tech and making our businesses better and our work easier; we heard you follow the tools and software that lead this industry, especially as it comes to online sales- What are the trends in technology that decorators should watch and where do you see those tools making a difference now and in the future?

Terry: What do you think the most important part of attending a trade show is for your clients? What should they do to make the most of attendance?

Aaron: Having seen so many shops, do you think there’s one key difference that separates the ones that are struggling from the ones that thrive? What do you think is the most important quality of a successful decorator?

Terry: You share a ton of great pictures on Instagram. How did that start, and what is it you hope to accomplish for your followers?

Aaron: Whether it’s your work with SanMar or your social media stream, it seems like you are really encouraging decorators to stretch beyond the same old way of doing things, whether that’s in decoration or in business; How important do you think it is for decorators to keep it fresh and follow what’s new? How would you suggest they keep themselves in the loop?

Terry: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our listeners?

Aaron: Monty, thanks for coming on the show and sharing all that great info. Where can our listeners find you?

Monty Mims is the second-generation of his family in the decorated apparel industry, raised in his father’s business, where he worked actively for seven years before joining SanMar as a territory manager in 2007. As he describes it, “I love the industry as a true apparel geek.” Monty earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organization Communications from the University of Central Florida, and as a father of two boys, Monty finds himself embracing parenthood and all the wonders it brings. His passions, aside from apparel, include music, movies and following the sport of mixed martial arts.

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