Trade Shows: How They Are Evolving


Tune in this week with hosts Aaron Montgomery and Terry Combs discussing the changing landscape of trade shows. Coming to you live from the DAX Show in Kansas City, providing a unique perspective on the topic. During the episode, Aaron and Terry discuss how vendors are changing their approaches to trade shows, as well as how attendees can have a more productive experience. They draw from their own experiences and observations, offering insights into the evolving nature of trade shows in the current era. This episode provides valuable insights into the changing world of trade shows and is a must-listen for anyone interested in attending or exhibiting at these events.

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Trade Shows

Why are there new approaches?

  • Natural progression
  • Things we learned during COVID about communicating with customers – social media, etc.
  • Getting more from fewer shows
  • Shows still need to happen – touch and feel and observe
  • What is the tipping point – Why aren’t they here?

Drawing attention

  • Nothing more discouraging than, “You were at the show? I didn’t see your booth.”
  • Jay’s graffiti wall (and backdrop)
  • Do gimmicks work?

Partnering with other vendors

  • Print/Take station with SanMar and EZ
    • SanMar got to demonstrate non-garment items, and EZ had an  activity to attract attention plus have another vendor send people to the booth
    • Success by association
  • Coupon for a discount from a garment vendor if you buy XYZ equipment
  • Providing equipment vendors with free garments to decorate

Social media videos and posts live during the show with hashtags

What would attendees like to see at a show?

  • If what you’re selling does something… be doing that thing
  • Me personally… put down your phone and get out of your chair