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(Sponsored by GRAPHICS PRO EXPO)  Clay Barbera with will be joining Aaron and Terry this Friday. Clay will be fresh off exhibiting at Graphics Pro Expo in Irving (Texas) and wants to talk about trade shows in 2021 and the future. We’ll mix in some training talk and CorelDraw questions from the Regulators as well.

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  • By popular demand we’re planning another 2RG cocktail party this summer. We’re calling it “The Beginning of the End of the Pandemic Party!” Looking at July 2nd to help all of you start your long Independence Day weekend. More info to come!!
  • The Shirt Lab Women’s Nexus is about engagement, conversations and how as an industry we can amplify women’s voices, according to the company. The event will be hosted by Michelle Moxley with M&R Equipment. Alison Banholzer, Wear Your Spirit Warehouse; Johanna Gottlieb, Axis Promotions; Milissa Clark, General Standard; and Kristine Shreve, Applique Getaway, will be the highlighted speakers. The five moderators include: Marcia Derryberry with Marcia Derryberry Media Communications; Jenna Sackett with Stahls’; Holly Trevino with Planet Apparel; Nicole Rollender with Strand Writing Services; and Marj Easterling with Big Lick Screen Printing. The event fee is $97, and will be held live on June 5, completely online and virtual.
  • The Decorators Community powered by 2 Regular Guys Podcast is hosting embroidery guru, Erich Campbell for two upcoming training classes. The first is tomorrow Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 where Erich will teach people why they should be offering more emblems and patches. This free preview webinar is happening at 12:00 PM Eastern | 9:00 AM Pacific and if you register you also get a free “How to Make Patches” guide as well as savings on the upcoming training class “Understanding Emblems”. This free webinar does have a VIP option you can purchase for only $7.97 where you get to participate in the Live Video Q&A, a FREE Patch Stock Design created by Erich sign up at
  • The free webinar leads you to the live training class on May 29th, 2021, titled “Understanding Emblems – Digitizing, Production, Styles, and Sales of Patches.” In this class, Erich will teach you more about digitizing for emblems including small detail tips, creating your own borders, as well as execution for stitching and preparing small-run patches in-house without expensive specialty machines and using multiple patch-making material processes. As well as covering the technical execution, Erich will discuss the range of products available in the patch world and give you tips on where they fit in your product range and how to market them. This training is available for the early bird price of $79 through May 23rd. The normal price is $119. This class will be live on May 29th, 2021 at 1:00 PM Eastern | 10:00 AM Pacific. Find out more and register for all the Decorators Community approved training at

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Trade Shows and CorelDRAW

Aaron: Clay Barbera’s consistent contributions to software development, training, & sales have made him an integral part of the Imprint industry for many years. Training thousands in technology companies, his ‘Teaching with questions’, allows individuals and groups to interact while learning.

Terry: We just saw each other at Graphics Pro Expo in Irving, Texas, the site of the last show at the start of COVID, and the site of the first show since then. Give us your assessment.

I thought the show was awesome Terry. Exhibitors really brought their A-game, classes will full, attendance was pretty good, and Morale was very high!… what’d you think man?

Dave Pomeroy, president of National Business Media: The feedback from exhibitors has been nearly 100% good news. The big takeaway from this show: People are ready to get out and buy, live and in person! Industry shops are busy, and many are ready to scale up to meet increased demand. Attendees came prepared with lots of questions, and frankly lots of cash. The biggest winners were those selling equipment; some big capital expenditures happened, but substrate, blanks and materials suppliers also did well.

Lon Winters with Graphic Elephants said: Ya know…It wasn’t so much about seeing colleagues as much as it was about touching and feeling them.  Handshakes and hugs were tremendous for us all.

Aaron: Let’s jump to training since that’s your full time gig. Thoughts on how the educated consumer can sort through the good, the bad, the sales pitch? How about free vs paid training at shows?

Good questions Aaron. Well, first attendees of training events need to first consider the context of the class. Is it free? If so, why? Now that doesn’t mean they won’s learn a ton from the class, it just means that the teacher also has another goal. Such as to show are sell… Ultimately think Cui bono “who benefits”… Of course, look at the training’s experience. And always feel free to leave if the class isn’t ideal for your application. A true trainer shouldn’t get upset or distracted by someone simply bowing out the side door.

I think finding a trainer who is comfortable with random questions, really helps too. We’re not going to learn much from a robot. If we could, we’d all stay home in our basements watching YouTube on a screen.. haha

Terry: What have you done differently with your training since the beginning of the shutdown.

Wow, we’ve done a lot. Of course I recorded all my virtual classes for my members, but the big thing is that I built nearly 90 new “Shorts” training videos. Their only like 4 minutes long each, and cover a very specific subject in Corel for Imprint applications. A single tool, or menu option, docker etc.

I also integrated an A.I. learning resource for our members. They can ask it questions through our plug-in and get 4 to 90 minute videos as the answer… we still provide personal support anytime to our clients of course…

Aaron: What would you say is the most common issue or question decorators have about CorelDraw? What’s tripping people up?

People want simple, and keep forgetting that there is some degree of learning that is necessary. Even with basic Corel functions, ya gotta go through it once or twice to really understand it. There is no magic wand, though with the right training and support, people really can produce high-end artwork that’ll sew, print, cut etc.

Tracing a digital image into a good vector is still the #1 trip I’d have to say. We cover this subject at least a little bit, in nearly every live class we teach…

Terry: Beyond what people are asking for help with, what is the most common Corel mistake people are making?

I think people get stuck doing things the hard way. They finally figure out how to accomplish something in design themselves, then assume that any training would just be the same. So many of my clients tell me “I was doing that the long way” until I learned it from you. I’m not saying that I always know the BEST way for every production process. I’m just saying that it’s my job to find & adjust the best way I can. I’m a teacher.

Aaron: Are there any new Corel functions our listeners should be aware of?

There are a few yea. Though, it really depends on what version they’re using now. I’m not one to say that you have to upgrade your Corel, or get the new one as upgrades don’t really exist any more, every year. But if they’re more than a couple versions behind, it’s almost certainly worth it to get the new one.

Now, to be completely honest, version 21 is well… extremely similar to version 2020. There are, of course some new features, but as to how relevant they are to the average Screen, Emb, cut.. eh, soso…

Aaron: Clay, how can people reach out to you?

The best way is to reach out via email. or

I’d just like to say that I’m a real person, a small business manager like everyone listening and that I mean it when I say that I’m happy to help. Even if you’re not a member of my website, let me know if you get stuck in Corel…

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5 Things to Research if You are Thinking about Purchasing Equipment

  1. Check into all of your financing options.
    My experience was that banks will have better rates but financing companies will make it easier for you to get the money. Ask what the total cost of the loan will be once it has been paid off. This could save you thousands of dollars in interest that gets paid.
  2. Find out if your state charges sales tax on equipment purchases.
    Another money saver that can amount to thousands of dollars saved if you find out that your state does offer exemption for sales tax on the purchase of equipment.
  3. Find out if your available space is large enough to operate the new equipment safely?
    Reaching out to someone in the industry that knows safety protocols well is a good idea here!
  4. Installation Lead Times.
    It can take months before larger equipment is delivered so make sure you plan your financing accordingly. You may have to make some payments on your loan before you are able to use the equipment and experience the financial benefits of having it that are going to lead to it getting paid off.
  5. Make sure the purchase is right for you.
    Talk to other shop owners who have gone through the process already. Study your numbers on how many items you produce in a year using the printing process you are purchasing the equipment. Make sure you are reaching your production limits with your current equipment before pulling the trigger.

Thanks Joe Ortinau, owner of Ortinau Art

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