April 3rd, 2015 Show Notes – Its Not Me, it is…

April 3rd Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. This week we talked troubleshooting tips for problem solving across several decorating method, including screen printing, vinyl transfers, direct to garment and sublimation. We will discuss how to look at all of the variables are realize it might not actually be the ink, vinyl, substrate or printer, but maybe the process.

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Patrick was born in England and went to high school in Wales. He gained his bachelor’s degree from Birmingham University, UK. He then worked as a camp counsellor at Camp Huntington NY before completing his Masters in Special Education at Long Island University. He is President of Spectrum Designs Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nicholas Center for Autism, and Co-Founded both organisations in 2011.

Spectrum Designs Foundation under Patrick’s leadership has gone from an operation with 2 employees in a barn in one of the co-founder’s back yard to over $600k in net sales for 2014. More history!

They have a Viper and an M2 DTG Machines, 2 manual Vastex Screen printing presses and 2 Melco XTS embroidery machines.

It’s the ink… it’s the shirt… it’s the vinyl… it’s anything but me

Trouble Shooting Tips

Screen Printing

  • Ink cracking – proper cure
    • Could be dryer malfunction, could be moisture in your garments
    • Test your garments with #5 temp strips
  • My colors washed off the shirt and only left the underbase
  • White speckles in my ink/rough surface
    • This is one of my favorites. It’s not the ink, it’s your screen!
  • Thinning inks
    • Once told by an ink manufacturer to stop telling students they can thin inks


  • Vinyl Peeling Off
    • Are you layering
    • Does the garment have waterproofing


  • Dull or less than acceptable prints
    • Pretreating – #1 variable and most common mistake when it comes to DTG
      • Too little pretreat
      • Too much pretreat
    • Garments
      • Not all garments are created equal – no amount of pretreat change will fix it
      • 100% ringspun combed cotton
      • Blends – 50/50 sweatshirt customer


  • Blank isn’t coated right
    • Has your heat press been checked for cold spots?
    • Do you have even pressure (Clam Shell)
  • Colors don’t look right


  1. DAX Chicagoland – April 24-25
  2. ASI New York – May 5-6
  3. ISS Nashville – May 7-9
  4. NBM Arlington – May 14-16
  5. NBM Indy – June 4-6

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