Turning Your Craft Passion into Profit


In this episode of 2 Regular Guys, we talk with Vik Patel, founder of Craft Express, about how to make that leap. Vik shares his insights on why the transition from hobbyist to entrepreneur may not be as daunting as you think, especially when it comes to sublimation and other apparel decorating techniques. Vik will also discuss how sublimation has made it easier than ever for hobbyists to start their own businesses. Join us as we explore the world of crafting, entrepreneurship, and the many ways you can turn your passion for creating into a profitable business.

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Craft Passion into Profit

Aaron: Vik, tell our listeners a little about yourself and your background in the industry.

Terry: Before we get further into the business, let’s talk about what drives people to come into decoration from the hobbyist side of things. What role do you think creativity plays for makers and what does that mean for makers considering a transition to business?

Aaron: What’s your definition of a hobby as compared with a side hustle or what most people recognize as a traditional business? Is it revenue that separates them, or is it something more?

Terry: When and why should makers think about making the transition from hobbyist to business? What makes going commercial a good fit?

Aaron: When preparing to make the leap, what’s the first thing a hobbyist should do to get prepared? How should a hobbyist plan for a successful start?

Terry: We know that any business takes time and money to operate, but what ‘costs’ should hobbyists making the transition watch for? What keeps people from taking the leap?

Aaron: Most people fixate on production ability or decoration options when they move into business, how much should a hobbyist expect to upgrade equipment? How important is ramping up, or can early businesses get by at first with a hobbyist shop?

Terry: What advice would you give someone on the precipice of taking that leap into building a side hustle? What should they be concerned about, and what is it that people worry too much about?

Aaron: Thank you for all of that awesome insight! Where can people find you and find more of what you do?