Unlocking the Power of Adobe Print


Join us this week as we explore the exciting world of garment decoration and digital printing with our special guest, Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe. With over 30 years of experience in the printing industry and a deep understanding of creative workflows, Mike is a true expert. We’ll dive into the myriad opportunities that digital printing offers and discover how Adobe’s PDF technology can streamline your workflow. From content creation to innovative tools and AI in graphics, we’ll uncover how Adobe’s solutions are transforming the garment decoration space. Get ready for an insightful conversation that could revolutionize your approach to printing and design. Tune in to stay at the forefront of industry advancements!

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Adobe Print, Generative AI and Photoshop

Aaron: Mike we gave up years ago reading our guest’s carefully curated bios and decided, it best to learn about you from YOU! Share a little bit about you, your journey with Adobe, and how you interact with the print and garment decorating industry.

Aaron: I think the thing on everyone’s mind whether it be our marketing, our business operations, or our graphics is AI. Can you provide more insights into how AI technology has been historically used in design and print workflows and how it’s evolving today?

Aaron: Based on your insight there, I think many of us are worried about the use of AI with Graphics, the ethics of it, etc. How is Adobe approaching that part of AI?

Aaron: You and I had a chance to catch up briefly earlier this week and one thing we discussed was how the customers for our products are changing. It used to be that our customer showed up with a terrible sketch on a napkin and wanted us to put that on a shirt with a few colors, to the customers today creating all sorts of amazing full-color graphics and images and they want to be part of the creation process. How is Adobe bridging that gap from a professional designer to an online content creator?

Aaron: Another area I have seen and been able to be around is the templated type of on-demand products. There is a level of customization available, yet Adobe’s tools make it easy to maintain control of the final artwork guaranteeing a great-looking product. For example, a complex professionally designed piece is done in Illustrator and or Photoshop, and then it gets personalized onsite and an event. How does Adobe enhance that workflow without requiring extensive design skills?

Aaron: How does Adobe’s PDF technology enhance workflow efficiency for garment and product printers?

Aaron: With the ability to edit PDFs with Adobe tools, can you explain how this feature works and its benefits?

Aaron: If people are interested in learning more about the tools available to them from Adobe, and being a part of the Adobe community, where should people go or who should they contact?

Aaron: Final Nugget – Are there any specific Adobe products or features that professionals in this industry should be aware of to optimize their workflow?


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