Using Sublimation in the Arts & Crafts Market


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Ashley Nace, Sales Manager and Tonya Tremitiere, COO of Artesprix, will be joining Aaron and Terry to talk about sublimation in the arts and crafts market. Whether you’re a professional decorator wanting to add sublimation products or a home decorator, Artesprix has some unique, creative, and inexpensive methods for producing sublimation transfers. This will be a great way to look at the market from a different angle and see what being creative can do for your bottom line.

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Using Sublimation in the Arts & Crafts Market

Tonya Tremitiere is COO and has spent her career with the parent company, Esprix Technologies, heading up sales and global marketing for a suite of digital imaging products and overseeing the Technical Applications Laboratory.  Much of her career has been focused in the sublimation field which, through patent pending products such as the markers, stamp pads, and toners, enabled the company to spin off the division and form Artesprix, LLC.

Ashley Nace is the Sales Manager of Artesprix (pronounced: ahrt – eh – spree) since Fall 2018.

Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is a complete line of sublimation products that allow artists and crafters to permanently personalize polyester-coated substrates with their own designs. With dozens of different sublimation marker colors to choose from, along with stamp pads, accessories, and blanks, you’ll never run out of ideas for custom creative projects to make personalized products that last a lifetime.

Terry: Let’s start by hearing about your background, in the industry or outside. Tonya, you go first.

Aaron: Tonya, talk to us about Artesprix.

Terry: Ashley, what would you say is the company’s place in the marketplace.

Aaron: Tonya, in a recent magazine article you talked about Steve Jobs concept of “deletion.” Tell us about that and how you applied it at Artesprix.

Aaron: Ashley, talk about the marker product that you sell, and the acceptance in the marketplace.

Terry: Tonya, there’s now a stamp pad product as well.

Terry:: One of the things with sublimation is the transfer which is reversed, how do you help people manage this?

Terry: I’d like to hear about the future for sublimation decoration from both of you. Ashley, let’s start with you.

Aaron: Where can our listeners find Artesprix, and each of you? Tonya, you start.

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