What to Do After The Sale… Building Loyalty


BONUS EPISODE – Join Aaron, Terry, and Erich as we discuss the importance of what happens after the sale! We’ll discuss why you should see the sale as the beginning of the most critical stage in creating long-lasting customer relationships, building your brand, and making customers into fans!

What to Do After The Sale... Building Loyalty

Dad Joke from Erich: I had to cancel my trip to Scandanavia …

I couldn’t a-fjord to go to Norway.

Erich: I’m going to play host again here and see if I can lead off this discussion; though I know we’re often on the same page, I know we all have some interesting different experiences as it comes to selling and customer relationships; Let’s start off with the most obvious question:

Q1: Is the sale over once money exchanges hands and delivery is made? I’d like to tackle this on more than one level- what do we do on an order-by-order basis, and what do we do on a customer basis as far as follow-up and proactive remarketing/relationship building?

(“Why don’t people want to call after the sale? No bad news!” )

Q2: Let’s drill down on a specific part of all this; Customer Retention. Those of us who have sold for some time know that it’s easier to get past the purchasing ‘tipping point’ with someone who already trusts us/our companies- How important do you think customer retention is, and why?

Q3: Going back to this globally; what do you think the most important points are as far as how we address customer service overall, and what that means to our post-sale actions and experience?

Aaron: Speed is a choice (From Jay Baer)

Aaron: Underpromise and Over Deliver – Setting Expectations and then following through.)

Q4: What has changed about post-sale service in the current climate? What’s different, for instance, between offline, brick and mortar processes vs. the ever-growing online segment?

Q5: What immediate actions should any of our listeners take to get on the right track with post-sale service? What are the key processes we need to have in place?

Q6: Final takeaway; you have one thing you want the listeners to remember about the post-sale experience. What’s the word; the touchstone to keep in mind?

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