What’s Next for Apparel Businesses?


Pete Lovelace from Booster Spiritwear will be back behind the microphone on Friday to talk about What’s Next for Apparel Businesses. Yes, Pete is the “confetti guy” and always brings excitement to the show. Be sure to tune in as Pete gazes into his crystal ball to speculate on the decoration industry’s future and how we can make the right moves in our business for success.

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  • The ISA board of directors announces that its ISA Sign Expo 2021 will go completely virtual, taking place over its scheduled dates of April 7-9. The board releases a statement reading in part: We continue to closely monitor the ongoing developments with the coronavirus and the related effects of it. While the opening of the event is not for a few months, we must make decisions now about whether ISA can host an in-person event. Given the current state of the pandemic, we believe that the only solution will be for ISA Sign Expo 2021 to become a fully virtual event taking place over the same dates, April 7-9, 2021. ISA Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual is free for all attendees. More information and registration can be found here: signexpo.org/about-isa-sign-expo/virtual2021/

  • Beginning February 1, 2021, Graphics Solutions Group (GSG) in Dallas will begin offering STAHLS’ complete range of CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl and best-selling athletic numbers, and Hotronix heat press equipment. GSG, a well-known and highly respected consumable and equipment wholesale distributor for the apparel decorating, digital printing, electrical sign, and commercial sign markets since 1950. STAHLS’ and GSG will work together to actively support customers throughout the region with training, as well as collaborating on marketing efforts.  For more information got to: GoGSG.com

What's Next for Apparel Businesses?

Aaron: Pete the last time we had you on you got the unenviable slot of joining us on March 20th, 2020. It was about the time we were all coming to grips with what COVID meant to us and you were still gracious enough to help us explore Being a Virtuous Leader. We appreciate that! Maybe we can just start us off with another check-in. It’s been 10 months, how are things at Booster?

Terry: When we reached out to have you back on the show, I know Aaron wanted to discuss a recent article he saw of yours in the Printing United Journal. If the regulators want to check it out they can go to 2regularguys.com/whatsnext. So let’s start there. What was the inspiration for that article and what did you hope it could do for the reader?

Aaron: So in that article, you start off with mindset, A quote that really stood out to me was “It’s not a good use of leadership’s time to continue focusing on how to keep the lights on and make a quick sale”. Can you explain that?

Aaron: So talk to us about keeping clients for life.

Terry: We need to offer our customers the best tools to buy from us. Let’s discuss Stabilizing Operations.

Terry: You talk about reconfiguring your business. What does that mean exactly?

Aaron: Thanks for giving us the deep dive into that article and what is next for apparel businesses. How about for you, what is new and good

Terry: How can people connect and reach out to you?

Pete Lovelace – After 12 years in the hospitality industry managing luxury resorts for The Ritz-Carlton and other premium brands, our guest made a career change to better align his priorities and passions in life. In 2017 he became general manager of Booster Spirit Wear, a custom apparel business serving schools and communities. The company has exceeded $6 million in annual sales in just 5 years and is committed to enhancing the lives of its team, partners, clients and their communities to radically change the industry.

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5things I am keeping from 2020- never waste a crisis

  1. Learn operation first – if you don’t know the machines, you won’t know how to control them. Learn to operate with ‘known good designs’ from another digitizer.
  2. Keep your Machine in order – Digitizing can’t change thread tension; if your machine is in a clean and working state, you can be sure issues that crop up are in the file.
  3. Use quality materials – Don’t skimp on materials when you are testing; use professional goods to eliminate material issues as a concern
  4. Analyze and Reproduce – find a file you love, measure it’s settings, and try to reproduce it. Don’t copy for sale, but do copy to familiarize yourself with settings and tools
  5. Start Small – Simple victories will confirm techniques and fire you up to keep going. Don’t take on that crazy jacket back for your first file, keep it to simple shapes and essential stitch combinations.

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