Wings, Tacos & Promotional Products


This Friday we’ll be joined by the guys from the Tacos with Jay & Jeff podcast. Jay Busselle and Jeff Solomon, two veterans of the promotional products industry, will talk about our two worlds colliding using apparel as promotional products. And we’ll discuss some untapped markets for apparel we might be missing as well. Plus there will be lots of fun and other action as Aaron is in the middle of a working vacation and will be coming to you live from Terry’s home office. Hang on for some fun!

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Dad Joke: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?

Because the P is silent! 

Thanks again to Lexi from Joe Ortinau’s production staff, two Dad Jokes in a row!

Wings, Tacos & Promotional Products

Terry: Today we want to welcome in Jay Busselle and Jeff Solomon from TACOS with Jay and Jeff.

Jeff Solomon, MAS, is the publisher of FreePromoTips, a PPAI award-winning business resource. His promotional products distributor business has won multiple PPAI Pyramid Awards. At the urging of his brilliant wife he expanded his apparel decorating business to include promo products over 20 years ago. That changed the game for him. Jeff has a passion for effective brand marketing and co-hosts the “hit” show TACOS with Jay and Jeff, spotlighting the epic marketing and branding that suppliers and distributors are doing. Along with other industry thought leaders, he is developing a new community, AI: Advocates for the Industry. AI has one goal: Working together for the success of the promotional marketing industry.

It’s been about 30 years since Jay Busselle started printing and selling “unofficial replica” t-shirts in the mid 80’s of his favorite ski resorts, skiing and skateboarding companies… and a few bands which will remain nameless. Jay is a board member, referred to as “chefs” for PromoKitchen, an all-volunteer nonprofit group focused on mentorship. Jay is a highly rated industry presenter and a trainer on topics like branding, social media and LinkedIn. Jay is currently the marketing director at Equipment Zone, the co-host of the TACOS with Jay & Jeff show and a self-proclaimed CTO – Chief Taco Officer. Jay says he found his home hanging out with the other promo peeps and apparel geeks on the island of misfit toys!

Aaron: What was the path that led each of you into promotional products? Let’s start with you, Jeff.

Terry: How can a garment decorator get involved in the promotional products marketplace?

Aaron: How important is the relationship between promotional product distributors and suppliers?

Terry: Let’s talk about the TACOS with Jay & Jeff show – why did you guys start it and what’s it all about?

Aaron: You both are involved in education and mentorship. Talk to us about why you believe this is important.

Covered… Terry: Let’s talk Tacos vs Wings!! Wings won! 🙂

Terry: How can our listeners find you?

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