Women and Safety in the Workplace


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Welcome to the 4th quarter Women in the Industry Podcast which is guest hosted by Kristine Shreve. We bring in 3 other rockstar industry ladies to join her and they have a discussion about the issues, topics, and tips. This week they will be discussion workplace safety. Tune in to learn and be empowered.

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Women and Safety in the Workplace


  1.  In 2018, 71% of females who travel for business said they face greater risks than their male counterparts.   Have you ever felt unsafe when traveling and what precautions do you take? 
  2. Have you ever had a customer that behaved in a way which made you feel unsafe?  What were the circumstances and how did you handle it? 
  3. What personal safety devices do you own?   Have you ever had to use them? 
  4. Do you think women are more reluctant to speak up about safety issues because they’re worried about being perceived as weak or about not being believed?
  5. Have you ever taken a personal safety course?   If yes, did you find it helpful and did you feel safer after you completed the course?  If no, do you think taking one would be beneficial?
  6. Most businesses these days have an online presence, either a website or social media.   Do you worry about being online and do you limit the amount of information that is released about you? 
  7. What’s the safety tip that people always give women that annoys you the most?
  8. What do you think men and women should be discussing when they talk about personal safety? 

Jeanene Edwards: Jeanene is currently the VP of marketing and merchandising for Fruit of the Loom and Jerzees Activewear and has over 25 years’ experience working on globally recognized apparel brands.

Gillian Allen: Born in a castle in Scotland, Gillian was a member of the United Kingdom Immigration Service’s first ever Scottish Enforcement Arrest team. She moved to Texas with her husband in 2005. She has worked with many Universities and Research Institutions, leading teams of interviewers and carrying out social research in many inner cities across the USA. In 2012 she started The Cats Pajamas, offering embroidery services. She became interested in designing and moved into other mediums including rhinestones and screen printing. Gillian moved to Thibodaux, Louisiana in September of this year.

Jane Swanzy: a native of East Texas, Jane has lived in Houston for 45+ years. She started doing machine embroidery with a home machine in 2002 using insurance money left over from repairs due to Tropical Storm Allison and despite not being a fan of flooding, she is thankful for that particular storm because it changed her life. In 2004, her customer load outgrew her home machine and she upgraded to a commercial single-head, fully intending to keep working her “real job” while building up the business. 2 weeks later, she started working for her embroidery business full-time, becoming a licensed vendor for the huge Houston Livestock show and Rodeo. Jane is trying to slow down and doesn’t solicit any new business but takes care of whatever comes her way. She lives with her husband and 2 cats in Northwest Houston.

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