Women in Garment Decoration: Dealing with Conflict


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We are excited to bring to you the 5th installment of Women in Garment Decorating. This week Kristine Shreve had some technical difficulties so Aaron stepped in as the host. He got to speak with Pilar Harrison and Milissa Clark. Those two tackled the subject of dealing with conflict in the workplace. What are the do’s, don’t and techniques to navigate situations that involve conflict? You will get those answers plus many more in this episode of Women in Garment Decorating.

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Milissa Clark – Is a Mom to Parker and Sales Director for US Blanks and President of High Voltage Marketing with a focus on premium fashion and experiences. Before coming on board with US Blanks and High Voltage, she started at Liberty Holdings as the National Accounts Manager and then as Senior Account Manager at Next Level Apparel. When Milissa isn’t playing baseball with Parker she can typically be seen traveling the world with her boyfriend, Tim.

Pilar Harrison – Has been in business for just over 2 years, starting off as a crafter making shirts for the other Pom Moms. It quickly jumped to team orders and she upgraded her plotter, software and heat press. She travels to shows to help Matt in the TRW Booth and really enjoys the one-on-one chats with other businesses. As an admin for the TRW Crafting page, she helps members, which is one of her favorite things. She was honored to be included in the March issue of Printwear Magazine, featuring Women in Business. She has been married to Will for 23 years, has a genius son in college and a teen daughter whose personality (possibly: sassiness) is larger than life, but she’s one of her closest friends.


  1. Do you think men and women handle conflict differently?
  2. What were you taught about how to handle conflict growing up?
  3. What messages about handling conflict do you think our culture sends to women?
  4. Do you visibly upset when handling strong emotions – crying, red in the face etc?
  5. Do you feel that negates your message?
  6. Have you had the experience of your anger or concern being negated either by being told “you’re not really mad”, teased or just the other person refusing to take the issue seriously?
  7. Why do you think some women are so conflict averse – some to the point that they’ll neglect their own best interest to avoid it?
  8. Does the fear of physical intimidation play a part in avoidance of conflict?
  9. Do you think both men and women should be taught to deal with conflict in general and specifically be taught to deal with conflict

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